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Right now: where are you (camping) and what's it like?

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justwondering72 Thu 14-Jul-16 17:30:26

Just for fun (and future camping ideas...

We (me, DH plus two boys) are at Fitou, South of France at the coast. Site is called Camping Le Fun, pretty basic but has a pool and a bar and direct access to the ´etang' - a big lagoon for swimming, windsurfing etc.

Sun is shining but wow it's windy! Gusting up to 75km/hr, I don't think we will get much sleep tonight. And it has been hellishly difficult to get any pegs in - ground is like concrete. We're in a camper / folding tent, so it shouldn't blow over (I hope).

Where are you camping and what's it like where you are?

Habbibu Fri 15-Jul-16 23:45:49

We are in Newtown Cove, Tramore, nr Waterford, Ireland. Campsite is simple but lovely - very clean and quiet, with clever hedge planting for windbreaks. Which is handy as it's windy! Despite following Outwell's instructions for pitching, our awning is blowing a bit alarmingly. DH is going to check ropes before bed. But site is lovely, and Waterford is a really nice town.

Ineedmorepatience Sat 16-Jul-16 21:58:43

We are at Trevean in north cornwall, nr padstow. Lovely little site, clean and simple, how we like it but 10 mins max from 7 amazing beaches. (7 bays for 7 days). Weather is fab, pasties, cream teas and surf also fab 😀😀

CatsRule Sun 17-Jul-16 17:18:44

Ineedmorepatience we're going to very near you in a few weeks...can't wait, love it there!

Ineedmorepatience Sun 17-Jul-16 22:28:14

Awesome cats hope you have a great time smile

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