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Packing list for statics holiday

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almostenglish Sun 10-Jul-16 21:01:05

We're going to stay in a mobile home in a campsite in France this summer, what would be your must pack list?

notagiraffe Sun 10-Jul-16 22:35:11

A decent kitchen knife, several tea towels and washing up sponges/cloths and a corkscrew as they don't always provide any of these.

Flipflops as the van floors get so sandy.
Two lots of swimming stuff per person as a lot of parks have great pools and it's nice not to have to crawl into a wet swimsuit if you want to go back in later in the day.

English teabags!

citykat Sun 17-Jul-16 19:55:12

Cheap bath mat and a door mat as they don't provide a mat for bathroom and the door mat is usually crap. I take a cheap fake turtle mat that I get in Poundland type place and it keeps a lot of sand and stuff out. Citronella candles/ tea lights for when out on terrace at night. Sharp knife. I manage to fill car with stuff each year but those make a difference. Enjoy

tararabumdeay Sun 17-Jul-16 22:06:38

Hello, hope you have a wonderful holiday. I should like to, in answer to your o.p., extol the virtues of paper plates.

Superb for doling out the breakfast toast, rolls, sandwiches and cakes; the sort of snacks you have to have on the go before you go out for the day or when you return and someone's peckish.

The ones I use are 70p for a pack of 50. I even use them at home sometimes when I'm getting ready for work in the morning. No worries about washing up left for others if emails take up time.

DH is a bit of a BBQ bugger and will use every plate in the house - you guessed it - paper plates for serving solves the 'who is going to carry all this stuff back to the kitchen' problem.

Then there's the worry of leaving everything as you found it; if you found it in the first place.

In this life I have learned, amongst other non relevant things, that there's always more washing up.

-I also keep a pack of paper cups in the car but that's so we don't have to swig out of the wine bottle when visiting a friend who isn't allowed to smoke (one or two with a drink) in their flat.-

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