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Cooking whilst camping. Treat me like an idiot, I know nothing!

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lowcrabdiet Mon 27-Jun-16 10:09:44

When I was a kid we went camping all the time. My parents had a gas stove with two burners and a grill. I remember it was set up at the front of the tent (it was a huge old fashioned house style tent) and it was all fine.

30 years on DH and DS really want us all to go camping (personally have grown accustomed to the delights of a travel lodge in my old age and have developed huge sympathies for my long suffering mother and the sacrifices she made during the cold muddy summers of my youth). As I'm the only one with any experience under canvas they expect me to know what the fuck I'm doing.... But I have no idea! Last time I was in a tent I was 8, my parents still tolerated each other and no one talked about tent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

But the world has moved on. So now I am worried that in my attempts to knock up some bacon sarnies I'm going to kill my whole family???

Please oh wise women of mumsnet, explain in the simplest of terms possible, what I should buy (all we have so far is the tent and sleeping bags) and what I can do to ensure we are all well fed and not hospitalised during out summer endurance test holiday

chocdonutyy Mon 27-Jun-16 10:21:00

Depends how long you are staying for really.
I have a single burner but probably could do with two, It can be used in the entrance of the tent as long as its well ventilated during and after cooking (door open fully not just open a tad) It is better outside though, If you have a canopy then that is ideal.
You can buy stove stands which help as it keeps the cooker off the ground and has sides to stop the wind blowing out the flame and taking forever to cook!
If you have electric then you can use an electric kettle for water (and water bottles if cold!) that frees up a burner and is quicker.
The golden rule is well ventilated if outdoor is not possible and never ever use it to heat the tent.

chocdonutyy Mon 27-Jun-16 10:22:27

Oh and the burners I have are the 'suitcase' style ones and you can get them from argos, halfords, wilkos ect but the gas is cheapest from b and m or wilkos.

lowcrabdiet Mon 27-Jun-16 10:43:01

Thanks choc, I think i will look into a canopy. I've heard also have some in.

Getting all the kit together just seems so expensive

reallyneedmoresleep Tue 28-Jun-16 14:56:39

Just make sure you have plenty of ventilation and sorry if this is treating you like a fool, but never, ever bring a barbecue into the tent, even if it looks like all the charcoal has burnt out

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