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Aldi sleeping bags

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Creeper Sat 25-Jun-16 11:50:23

We are just setting ourselves up with camping gear and I notice that Aldi have comfort sleeping bags for £18ish. Has anyone with camping knowledge seen them?

I am reluctant to skimp on warmth at night. The label says they are 2/3 season.

BiddyPop Mon 27-Jun-16 13:06:01

I haven't had one myself, but I know one Cub scout had one on camp 2 weeks ago - he slept fine on the event, but the zip gave up the ghost with the rough-housing in the boys' tent (we have all realized, as leaders, that the decision taken to put all 9 boys in 1 tent was a mistake and not to be repeated!).

That is not to say that with "normal" use, they would be fine - but 10 year old boys are hard on all kit!

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