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camping with baby and toddler this weekend. What to put them in for bedtime.

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fedupofpeppa Thu 23-Jun-16 06:41:20

Camping this weekend with a 12 week old and a 2 year old. First camping trip with children as my husband really wants to go. Only a weekend to try it out.

Forecast is lows of 12 degrees overnight so quite chilly but could be worse. I am panicking about keeping the kids warm enough.

For the baby, they will be in their carry cot on their pram. They will wear a long sleeved vest then a gro suit with padded sleeves and a 3.5 tog sleeping bag. Probably also a hat and a blanket. Is that enough/ not enough?

The toddler has a pop up penguin bed with attached sleeping bag as he kicks off his covers. Couldn't see the season on it so am guessing it won't be particularly warm sleeping bag. Was going to also take a couple of blankets to go on top and dress him in a vest, socks and long sleeved pyjamas.

Is this okay do you think? I always feel cold camping so bit nervous about getting this right for them. I will have loads of spare clothes with us and blankets so can layer up. Will 12 degrees feel cold or is that okay once there are four of you close together in a tent?

bastedyoungturkey Thu 23-Jun-16 06:44:53

I not a lot of help. We went last weekend and I put DD job long sleeved pyjamas, sleeping bag and blanket, then she woke burning up cos she had tonsillitis.

whensitmyturn Thu 23-Jun-16 06:48:52

12 degrees will be fine for them to sleep, for the baby I'd say add to the bed clothes a warm hooded cardi and if it has the fold over scratch mitts even better, their poor little hands end up like ice otherwise without anything on them.

For your 2 year old Id say keep vest, cotton pyjamas and then add a fleece onesie over the top. You shouldn't need too many blankets then.

Hope you all have a great time and weathers kind to you.

doesntmatterwhoyouare Thu 23-Jun-16 06:54:55

It was lowest about 15 last week for us. 2.10yr old was on a bed on two blankets (both doubled over) and in fleecy pj trousers and two long sleeved t-shirts and socks he was a bit cold but slept through (he does tend to overheat easily). 1.6yr old was in a travel cot on two blankets each folded into.four. Then two baby grows on and a light blanket over her (kept kicking it off though a thin bag would have been better) she is generally a colder person.

I'd try and put yours on blankets and for the older one double up pjs (or use thick tights under the trousers) if he kicks blankets off as he may find the sleeping bag too restrictive. If you have baby suits with mits for the little one id use two of them and skip the vest.
Generally though have lots of layers available for all of you.

fedupofpeppa Thu 23-Jun-16 07:10:56

Doesn't matter - do you mean extra blankets underneath them? Does that help? My husband said the baby needs to be off the floor hence why the carry cot is on the pram rather than on the floor but then I worry that it might be cold this way too (my grasp of physics is crap as you can probably tell ☺. Heat rises etc)

fedupofpeppa Thu 23-Jun-16 07:12:27

I could take the travel cot instead thinking of it. We were aiming for carry cot as the baby sleeps in that currently anyway for day naps

fedupofpeppa Thu 23-Jun-16 07:14:26

Bastedyoungturkey- that sounds awful! Poor thing.

doesntmatterwhoyouare Thu 23-Jun-16 07:29:25

Extra blankets directly under them so n the mattress. Id use the pram carry cot but either fold the pram down or have it raised a little on something (so you have those little fold out mats for sitting on it an old roll mat you can cut or fold) so it is near to.your height (for your heat) but not directly on the ground. They will be fine though mine slept out every day down to minus 15C as small babies.

bastedyoungturkey Thu 23-Jun-16 20:34:47

It wasn't great Peppa, but she's on the mend now thank goodness.

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