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Lidl/Aldi camping things

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rivierliedje Wed 15-Jun-16 08:47:49

Just a heads up for anyone interested in Lidl and Aldi camping equipment. I saw sleeping bats, lanterns, chairs, portable showers, water carriers, foldable sinks, boots, tents and a cooking set in lidl yesterday. And Aldi Will have Sims next week.
Is it useful to have a foldable sink?

Creeper Sun 19-Jun-16 22:29:50

Do you think the tent will be ok?

We are thinking of giving camping a go but I'm not sure whether we'll like it so don't really want to spend hundreds on a tent until we are sure (we are a family of 5).

We were thinking of getting the tent and a few vital items from Aldi and going somewhere local to test ourselves. It's that or try and get one from eBay but they are more expensive and there is a risk they may be faulty.

bedhaven Mon 20-Jun-16 22:36:42

My colleague bought a couple of lidl ones that have stood 3 years of Glastonbury plus other camping trips so think they must be alright...bloody hope so for their sake at Glastonbury this week! I've been impressed with Aldi waterproof duffels bags. The rest of their stuff is similar prices to Decathlon (Mostly Quechua stuff) Mountain warehouse or sports direct also do much reduced stuff. Our sports direct self inflating mattresses were a bargain £16 with RRP €79. I darent look anymore as there's always something new I don't really need want!

gamerchick Mon 20-Jun-16 22:39:03

I was looking at the also online camping stuff last night. When did aldi start an online thing?

I am curious to how a folding sink would work.

gamerchick Mon 20-Jun-16 22:39:58


Blu Mon 20-Jun-16 23:00:17

Creeper, that Aldi tent looks Ok. Sewn in groundsheet, 3000mHH (waterproofing), mesh doors etc.

The SIMS also look good, and the one ring stove. I would not buy Aldi sleeping bags.

Creeper Tue 21-Jun-16 06:55:59

Thank you.

I am concerned the tent will be too small. There are a few sales on at the moment so I think we should consider buying a bigger one. The friends I have talked to with tents all seem to have 6 or 8 man tent. I will never get DH to go again if he hates it.

I was considering getting the sleeping bags too so will look elsewhere for those!

AnnPerkins Tue 21-Jun-16 07:02:24

Don't feel you have to buy sleeping bags for one trip. We've been camping for years and prefer our duvet.

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