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Replacement tent pole cord - easy to do?

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TheSconeOfStone Fri 10-Jun-16 16:15:55

Tried out our brand new £400 tent weekend before last and was disappointed to find the cord had frayed through on a pole requiring some fiddly feeding through of the pole sections without them all tumbling to the floor.

Contacted the retailer who has offered to send some cord. Is it easy to replace? Never had this happen in our many years of camping and I was kind of expecting a new pole to be sent out.

MissWimpyDimple Sat 11-Jun-16 13:14:27

I never managed to do it, but I don't know if there is a knack that I really don't have.

StandoutMop Sun 12-Jun-16 21:50:10

I have done it. Fiddly but not impossible. I think I watched a YouTube video before so knew roughly what I was doing.

MabelBee Mon 13-Jun-16 06:11:35

We've just replaced a section of one of our poles and it was super easy to rethread the cord. The cord came with a little skinny wire which you feed up the section of pole and pull the cord through, tie a knot at the end, job done.

Ifailed Mon 13-Jun-16 06:19:20

if its a straightforward pole, you can buy complete replacements for a reasonable price on-line, just check the length. A well-known online retailer has plenty of options.

TheSconeOfStone Wed 15-Jun-16 21:09:01

* Ifailed* it's not a standard pole. It's to keep the awning on an air tent up so has two angled sections on each side.

MabelBee waiting for the cord to arrive from the retailer so hopefully will be easy to do. Problem is assembling the poles in the right order as it is shaped to holed up the awning.

Bit disappointed with the quality of tent generally so having the pole collapse on the first go did not go down well.

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