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EHU in tent?

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bootygirl Thu 09-Jun-16 22:13:07

Basically if I get the EHU (on sale for €50 on sale in Halfords 😀)
What can I actually run? Will it only run a travel kettle, charge devices? What kind of toasters and lights are people using?

Wolfiefan Thu 09-Jun-16 22:14:00

We have used a travel cool box and charged devices. Camping light.
Not household stuff.

bootygirl Fri 10-Jun-16 12:08:02

Thanks wolfiefan

I might price camping light, I think they only run low volt travel kettles? That's why I wondered how people run toaster ect?!!

chocdonutyy Fri 10-Jun-16 12:19:48

most electrical things are fine, at the tent end is normal sockets (not sure of the voltage ect)
We use ours for a toaster (£5 value from tescos), still use the stove for boiled water but toast takes forever!
Other things are charging phones and a heater if its really cold.
Some people use hairdryers/straightners/kettles ect.

BishopBrennansArse Fri 10-Jun-16 12:22:02

We've got an electric cool box (quite a big one), we also charge phones and my electric wheelchair.

We also have lights specially designed for ehu so they don't 'draw' too much..

It wouldn't hack a kettle or powerful fab heater or oven but I do have low voltage ones.

bootygirl Fri 10-Jun-16 12:40:38

Thanks for replies!

I like the idea of the light, toaster would be handy for feeding DS's! Plus charging devices! Would be even better if I could boil travel kettle!
I run on coffee😀

BishopBrennansArse Fri 10-Jun-16 12:44:21

we have this

this wouldn't trip it either

bootygirl Fri 10-Jun-16 12:57:50

Thanks Bishop!

I will have a look around!

AnnieOnnieMouse Fri 10-Jun-16 13:03:09

Lights, chargers, coolbox, kettle - get a low powered one - often the cheap ones are low power - so it doesn't trip the circuit.

Bumpinthenight Fri 10-Jun-16 20:04:10

We use a normal heater and kettle, just not at the same time!

bootygirl Fri 10-Jun-16 20:27:33

Yes I think I ll try and get a loan of a travel kettle and cheap toaster!

Jetcatisback Fri 10-Jun-16 20:29:32

Would a CPAP machine run ok with EHU?

mumpleasemayi Fri 10-Jun-16 20:32:20

Yes it should do jetcat, my dh uses a cpap and have been camping with it.

Jetcatisback Fri 10-Jun-16 20:59:58

Thanks mum flowers

mumpleasemayi Fri 10-Jun-16 21:22:21

No problem smile

VeganCow Thu 16-Jun-16 13:18:04

tesco value toaster and kettle at same time when we went camping last year smile

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