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Noirmoutier then where next?

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321Go Thu 09-Jun-16 22:03:35

We're camping in France in late August for 2 weeks and trying to decide where to go. We like the look of Noirmoutier - can anyone comment on the campsites there? The indigo one looks nice but Domaine le Midi appeals for it's swimming pool.
Then a second site.........would it be crazy to only move an hour away to Lac Jaunay and stay at at Camping Le Pin Parasol?
Another idea was somewhere on/near the Loire maybe Camping Ferme Pédagogique
On the whole we like smaller sites without activities, but of course the kids would love a pool and waterslides.
Any other suggestions would be much appreciated!

StandoutMop Sun 12-Jun-16 21:58:44

We are going to Indigo with friends who have been (many times) before.

As our DC are also pool and slide fans, we are going to Domains de la Breche near Saumur beforehand. They have ponies too, which our DC will love.

We did look close to Noirmoutier but last few years we've had dodgy weather late August so worried 2 sites v close together might mean we exhausted all wet weather options within easy distance.

Happy holidays!

321Go Mon 13-Jun-16 23:11:10

Good point about the weather! Maybe save the hour-away one for next year. Good to know your friends choose to return - a good recommendation. Thanks!

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