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Camping with teens

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bootygirl Tue 07-Jun-16 11:43:18

I ve finally convinced dh to go tent camping for a weekend in July. The last time we went camping was eight yrs ago when the kids were smaller. They are now 13 & 15.
That failed attempt ended with us owning 4man tent and 6man tent with stand up living area and porch. I ve refused to use the 4man as it is too small even for just 2 nights. Kids can now help with large tent! We have single gas ring. Table 2 chairs ( going to buy 2 moon chairs for us)! Airbeds & two Aldi sims. We have plates ect but no cooking equipment is need sausepans & kettle? Not sure too many sites haveEHU for tents here plus hook up €80😳.??
Dh wanted to go to local camp sites just 20 mins from home on beaches but I think kids would just go off with their mates? Not cool to be camping with parents!
There is a basic site about 45 mins away by a beach side town & another about hour away in country side??
So question is with teens boys what are your essentials for happy weekend?
Do I Need to buy EHU hook up? Do I need expensive cool box €70/€80?? Do I need to up grade to two ring gas cooker?? Just afraid to spend too much if it's going to disaster!! Previous trip cost us €500!😔😳😳

Blu Wed 08-Jun-16 23:25:22

For a weekend you do not need any of the extra things you list.
For Friday - Sunday you will only be doing 2 evening meals: take one pre-made one pot dish ready made for the first night and have something like pasta and jar sauce the next. Take your ordinary kitchen pan and frying pan, and boil water in a pan.

No need for hook up, though get car chargers for your phones.

Ideally go to a site where you can take the teens on good day trips, and have a campfire in the evening, which they manage, with marshmallows to toast. You can also toast marshmallows over the embers of a disposable BBQ.

bootygirl Thu 09-Jun-16 00:00:05

Thanks blu

I ve decided to not buy EHU yet. Also hope to get away with cool bag with blocks rather than buy cool box yet. Trying to find camp sites close enough with campers kitchen is tough!?
Had thought of similar meals to ones you suggested. Will do them and at worst chippy!

We have car phone chargers. Can you toast marsh mellows on disposable bbq? Sorry if stupid Q!?😀

Blu Thu 09-Jun-16 08:42:06

Yes, you can toast marshmallows over anything hot, including your gas stove. But they make a mess of it if they fall off the stick.

For a weekend a cool bag and blocks will be fine. Use stuff that doesn't need to be kept cold. You don't need a campers kitchen, either. A tap is fine, though washing up at a sunk always makes things that much easier. Use paper plates! (Or a paper plate on top of a real plate for rigidity). For breakfast buy bags of brioche rolls (though bacon rolls are a camping treat). Little boxes of cereal, keep it in the box, cut the top off the plastic inner, pour in UHT milk and eat straight from box.

bootygirl Thu 09-Jun-16 10:01:14

Thanks Blu

Not so worried about food now! Just have to come up with things to do that will keep the teens entertained that does not cost the earth?!

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