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Campinh holiday with a baby!

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MissMelf Mon 06-Jun-16 07:54:42

In July, me & my partner are taking our 10 month old daughter on her first camping holiday, we used to go camping about four times a year to North Devon(about 200 miles away from home), so we are very keen campers and we went twice while i was heavierly pregnant, so you can imagine how much we love it!

We are going with my partner's family, who my daughter adores spending time with so we are super excited!

Anyway we will be sharing a tent which will fit a travel cot in for her and we will be on an air bed next to her.

I'm thinking the sea air, daytime activities and warm bottle should help her sleep at night along with her blanket and Piggy soft toy from home.

Anyone have any good tips, advice or stories from taking a baby camping.

Patterkiller Mon 06-Jun-16 07:59:47

I had an early riser so camping meant we were up anywhere from 4.30 when it got light.

I made sure we had toys and comfy blankets in the car so when she woke I would decamp to the car so we weren't disturbing the whole camp site at that ungodly hour.

NattyTile Mon 06-Jun-16 08:07:50

If you don't already have one, find a set of all in one waterproof overall thingies. And some waterproof footwear (tricky for a baby I know). But then she can crawl on the grass even early in the morning when it's still dew-damp. And roll in the mud. Etc.

Take a bucket to bathe her in.

Enjoy! Oh - and if you can't touch slugs, bring something you can grab them with for when she finds one and decides to give it a chew.

fedupofpeppa Mon 06-Jun-16 08:16:27

Sorry to piggyback your thread bit I am thinking of camping for two nights with a twelve week old baby. He will also be in a travel cot but I was wondering what they sleep in. It will be summer but do you need special sleep suits/ bedding in case the temperature drops a lot over night?

lovecamping Mon 06-Jun-16 08:23:14

I took my youngest when he was 12 weeks old for a camping weekend. I had him with me on an inflatable mattress. We took a buggy for day naps and I remember it being fine. Bloody hard work but we did have some lovely moments. Also took a sling which he spent most of the time in... It was alright.

ivykaty44 Mon 06-Jun-16 08:27:40

I went to north devon camping with my 9 month old dd. We took her travel cot that she was used to sleeping in and it was fine.

We also cycled the parks trail and did the big sheep ( she had bottle envy) the milky way and Westwood ho.

I was feeding her cows milk by this time which made life easy (17 years ago) so don't know if rules are different now for milk.

My tip would be make sure she is used to travel cot before trip.

VelvetGreen Mon 06-Jun-16 11:39:24

We used to take one of those pop-up travel cots for ds to sleep in, so it was like a tent within a tent, and it doubled up as a shelter for outside during the day. He would sleep in a grobag, and clothes-wise he would have layers rather than anything too thick. I found it much easier camping with a a baby than a toddler!

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