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Coleman cortes octagonal tent?

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shanghaismog Mon 23-May-16 18:39:14

Does anyone have one of these?

We started off mulling over a caravan revamp, George Clarke's Amazing Spaces style but currently having a major wobble on this. The rest of the family is much more hardcore in their camping. I want to be comfy! We probably won't camp too much in the UK, so mostly in France, this year on the Med. I am REALLY tempted by a lovely bell tent as they look so awesome but not sure about the lack of head height. All other normal tents seem a bit claustrophobic too. Maybe this one looks like a compromise (or the worst of both?)? With 2 fairly big kids, we might even think of 2 of these with a tarp connector? Not sure, might be overkill.

Can you be really comfy camping? I love the whole sheepskin, rugs, chandelier etc, but realise we have practical constraints in terms of fitting it all in...

Any thoughts from more seasoned campers? Tell me what to do....!

Spadequeen Fri 27-May-16 08:25:48

Plenty of head room in a bell tent, I would go for a 5 or 6m. Definitely not a 4m. They are extremely easy to put up (even for 1 person) and because they are canvas they breathe which means you can stay in them even in hot weather without feeling like you're dying!

As long as you have a comfortable bed (I use an aerobed) and warm bedding you will be comfortable

I don't bother with sheepskin and chandelier, yes all looks beautiful but when you're camping you tend to be outside for most of the time and as you say takes up too much space.

Blu Fri 27-May-16 08:54:31

I still think you end up stooping round the edges in a bell tent: the taller you are the tighter your stoop-free zone!

Good for temperature control though. If I had loads of money, a bigger car and more drying / storage space at home I would get one of the canvas Dutch pyramid tents.

That Coleman looks good: I have never been in one.

ICJump Fri 27-May-16 09:54:53

Love the look of it.
I'd want it for the grown ups to sleep in with all the gear elsewhere

Pcat Fri 27-May-16 16:11:41

If you are camping in warmer weather then a cotton canvas tent like a bell tent is far more comfortable than polyester..... You don't get that camping hot head feeling in the morning! We had a bell tent to start off with but on longer camps the head height really got to me. The door of the bell tent is only 1.5 metres tall and the constant stooping to get in and out did my back in. We upgraded to a pyramid tent which has been fabulous. Ours has a moveable front wall that just zips on and off so you can either have a big inside area (in the rain) or a big porch(in the sun) ....... We have loved that tent but we are currently thinking about upgrading to a trailer tent...... The lure of sleeping in a proper bed!

Queenbean Fri 27-May-16 17:15:34

I've got this! Trying it out for the first time tomorrow

Have also a king sized air bed and battery operated pump. Then taking duvet, pillows and sheets. As much luxury for camping as possible for me!

shanghaismog Fri 27-May-16 21:40:20

I'll investigate the Dutch pyramid tents - they are generally pretty spot on with stuff like this! From looking at photos they don't seem to have great head height either.

Bell tent is currently fave for me, dh will want something more technical...

We have at least decided on camping rather than caravan, so at least we're making some progress!

Spadequeen Sat 28-May-16 00:07:28

Tell him more technical means takes longer to put up! Dh and I can do the bell tent in 17 mins. Heaven.

SpecialStains Sat 28-May-16 21:57:46

We've got this one (in orange). It's a great summer tent, very waterproof and quick to put up. We used it 5/6 times last year from April-September camping in the Lakes and at a festival and just got back from a week in Cornwall. It's not the warmest and is a bit uncomfortable for sleeping in the UK in Spring/Autumn (I wouldn't even contemplate Winter).

Overall, we'd recommend it. :-)

poocatcherchampion Sat 28-May-16 22:05:00

It looks gorgeous !

shanghaismog Sun 29-May-16 18:04:32

Ooooh dear, it seems I've got myself a project....

A cheap old caravan came up for sale close by and it was too good to refuse. Now I need to gut it, paint it and make pretty cushions/curtains!

SalomeD Sun 29-May-16 19:06:20

Have a look on the Obelink website, their Alaska is a great pyramid tent and as quick as a bell to pitch

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