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Anyone been luxury camping at a festival?

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motleymop Sun 15-May-16 17:34:51

I am re-living my youth and going to Shambala this year but I want to do it in a bit of style and comfort. I am looking at the various options for luxury camping but I am not sure which is the best tent to choose (apart from the hobbit huts which are insanely expensive) - Firefly tents, Fred's Yurts, Tipis, or wot. There's only 2 of us.

ChicRock Sun 15-May-16 18:04:31

We've done the pop up hotel at Glastonbury a couple of years running. This year we're doing luxury campervan at Download. It's eye wateringly expensive but totally worth it.

For me, there has to be several things to make a festival really enjoyable - not traipsing from your car to wherever you're camped with bedding and all your other stuff, somewhere to take off and store wet/muddy clothes and boots without tramping the dirt inside, a good warm night's sleep, a hot shower, an electricity point for hairdryer and phone charging, and clean toilets.

So my advice is go as good as you can afford bearing in mind the above points. I've done festivals where my tent and all my sleeping gear has been soaked before I've even set up - ideally you want something where you can park very near to where you're camping and you don't need to take your own bedding. I've done them where I've literally got 2-3 hours sleep each night because the camping area is so noisy so you want somewhere that they actually enforce a 'quiet time'. I've done them where you wake up and join the 30 minute queue to use the loo to find it overflowing and literally covered in shit. I've gone 5 days without a shower and while I've kept clean enough using babywipes I just felt grotty.

I absolutely love festivals but I'm too old for all that now.

motleymop Sun 15-May-16 19:50:41

Thank you, Chic. You have just made me feel much better about spending the loot!!!

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