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Camping toddler night wear? 8degrees

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Curlyblow Sat 14-May-16 09:06:27

Hi I am taking my just 3yr old camping for the first time today/tonight.
Night temps forecast as 8degrees, what should I dress her in to sleep? She owns thermals, a fleece onesie, a big thick winter all in one onesie 'coat' (like down filled), and obviously normal pjs.
Would the coat be overkill? I remember putting my down filled north face jacket on a camping trip and that was in July and had been a sunny day?

She's sleeping on an inflatable mattress, with sleeping bag and blanket + blanket underneath.


Levithecat Tue 17-May-16 21:34:02

Probably too late but last weekend we put DS to sleep in pjs as the tent was very warm at bedtime, then when we went to be we got him out and added a fleece footed onesie. He also had a winter weight duvet and 2 X blankets.

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