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Has anybody else noticed campsites are getting more expensive?

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PurpleRibbons Tue 26-Apr-16 14:03:39

I've been starting to plan this year's camping. Have visited several websites and noticed that many are now charging per person whereas it used to be per tent. I have to keep reminding myself that it is still much cheaper than a hotel or cottage but some sites are charging as much as £10 per adult and £5 per child which would be £25 a night for us, seems a bit pricey for camping!

Amy214 Tue 26-Apr-16 14:23:15

Have a look at some sites abroad, i found a site that has static caravans and tents and i think it was as low as £180 for 9nights (tent) once you add in the price of travel (driving, ferry or train) it either works out cheaper or the same and it is much cheaper than flying amd a hotel

Amy214 Tue 26-Apr-16 14:23:49


PurpleRibbons Tue 26-Apr-16 16:36:04

I can't go for that long unfortunately as DH doesn't have enough leave, we were just planning a couple of long weekends. I'd love to go camping in France or Italy in the future though.

Eglantyne Tue 26-Apr-16 16:46:01

The owner of the lovely UK campsite we go to was most apologetic / embarrassed about her price increase, but said it was because her utility bills had gone up massively, and she has to pass that on.

PurpleRibbons Tue 26-Apr-16 17:53:56

That would make sense I suppose!

NannyR Tue 26-Apr-16 23:26:32

It's the other way round for me. I camp on my own so having to pay £20 for a tent, whilst good value if there are four people in it, is expensive for just me. I prefer sites that charge per person.
Maybe the solution is for sites to charge per tent and offer a discount for single occupancy (which some do already but only in low season or midweek)

Peasandsweetcorn Tue 26-Apr-16 23:30:52

Isn't it simple supply & demand? Many more people are camping so the owners can charge more knowing that they will still fill their pitches.

Blu Wed 27-Apr-16 07:03:59

We favour the 'wild camping' style sites, field and woods, often have compost toilets, no hot water and occasionally no showers, and no other facilities. And they often seem more expensive than anything else!

crookedhooker Wed 27-Apr-16 07:10:23

Utility prices have gone up , bin collections up 400 per cent, our ground rates have gone up, minimum wage has increased for our site workers so it needs to be passed on.

INeedNewShoes Wed 27-Apr-16 07:17:26

With some sites it's getting to the point that camping isn't the cheap option anymore. In some places you could get a B&B room for not much more and then you'd be getting breakfast!

PurpleRibbons Wed 27-Apr-16 07:25:56

Blu those are the same sort of sites I've been looking at. DH reckons it's because those sites seem to attract more middle class families, he thinks it's the camping equivalent of shopping in Waitrose grin

readingrainbow Wed 27-Apr-16 07:34:30

We have a big family and camping is definitely NOT a cheap option anymore. I have to really hunt around for tiny places like a farmer's field that only has a tap and a toilet in order to get cheap rates. Luckily we have family in Wales with land so we are camping there this year.

Blu Wed 27-Apr-16 08:19:26

PurpleRibbons: I reckon your DH is right grin

Though to be fair you do get a LOT more space on those sites, in general. And I suspect their season is shorter as often they don't take caravans or camper vans. And they don't make the additional income from a bar / clubhouse . I wouldn't be surprised if the business plan of some popular holiday-park style sites was based on the additional spend.

And with less capacity the 'wild' sites still have to pay insurance, licensing, or whatever.

PurpleRibbons Wed 27-Apr-16 09:31:37

That's very true, blu, hadn't thought of that.

RaisingSteam Wed 27-Apr-16 17:34:56

I've just booked us in to Great Langdale for half term which is about as nice a campsite as there is- worked out £40 per night shock. Had to book a whole separate pitch for DS1's pup tent. I think that's as much as we have ever paid. I do understand the running costs though and they are very particular not to cram you in.

NettleTea Thu 28-Apr-16 12:52:03

when we start offering camping, we will be offering wild camping in pre erected tents or a very small number of 'bring your own' and the price being more is simply because we want to limit the numbers, so that everyone is able to practically have a field to themselves. As Blu says, we will only have a short season that we can do this - we dont have all the facilities that other sites have to draw in the extras (often food and shop are huge earners) and we want it to be a quiet and relaxing place to visit rather than risk annoying our neighbours and disturbing people in the glamping site in a separate part of the farm, who come as they want to relax and enjoy the countryside.
I guess you balance the exclusivity and space with the price and often chaos.

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