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Am i crazy to go to French Riviera in August? Traffic? Anyone been to domaine des naiades?

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campfan Thu 14-Apr-16 08:52:47

We have friend me staying in Ramatuelle but all campsites there are full... So am looking at Domaine des naiades in Port Grimaud. Has anyone been? Is it nice?
I was about to book and am worried by some negative reviews. Will I spend an hour ok traffic getting to Ramatuelle or St Tropez?
Thanks in advance!

campfan Thu 14-Apr-16 09:19:40

Uhh typos... Meant to say
We have friends staying
Will i spend an hour in traffic?

campfan Thu 14-Apr-16 09:56:39

Anyone ?

campfan Thu 14-Apr-16 12:21:32

Last hopeful bump
Going end July-1st week August

Milliways Thu 14-Apr-16 16:42:39

We have stayed there and at the Prairies de la Mer site that you walk through to get to the beach form Naiades. Yes, the traffic is awful but it is a beautiful area.

The Port is great to wander around, especially on market days, and you can take boat trips from there to St Tropez which is by far the best way to go. Great for Superboat spotting.

We drove to Monaco for a day trip which is great, and occasionally to the Supermarket, but that was all. Just the initial pain of getting there!

Humphriescushion Thu 14-Apr-16 16:50:17

Traffic will be bad for sure. we went last year to a site with mobile homes on the beach ( kon tiki i think - it maybe the sister site for the one millways mentioned). It was lovely - the mobile homes are like huts. Traffic was bad so we were careful where and at what times we went places and then it was manageble. We were very glad of air conditioning!

campfan Thu 14-Apr-16 18:29:55

Thanks that great!
Have booked if, and with aircon. We were dithering about if we needed it or not so b helpful.
milliways what is the naiades site like ? Did you enjoy? Random question did you notice any table tennis tables ??

Milliways Thu 14-Apr-16 23:05:46

The site was good but it was some years ago that we went. There is an Olympic sized pool that was fun. You ideally need air-con in a van as it will be very hot. The restaurant had great food but we also liked eating at the beach restaurants at The Prairies site (open to anyone, but book an outside table as they are worth it) and also in the Port which has a great nighttime atmosphere.
Can't remember about table tennis but I'm sure there will be-almost obligatory in France!
It's a bit of a walk back from the beach, up the hill to the site, but manageable unless you have to carry/push a toddler!
When you go to the beach, walk towards the Port and it gets a lot quieter there, the Prairies site is huge and has direct beach access, but they don't seem to stray far along, so if it seems mad when you first arrive don't worry. Lots of beach entertainment for teens though.

campfan Thu 14-Apr-16 23:49:52

Thanks a million! Great tips. I will save this thread and am now v excited. Booked aircon thankfully

Sleepyfergus Sat 16-Apr-16 19:34:56

We've just booked this site with Eurocamp for July. I'm a bit worried re traffic but don't want to be tied to the campsite/surrounding area for 2 weeks! I've read that if you set off on day trips before 10am it's not too bad. We fly into Nice so the cost of transfer/taxi to:from airport will not be that much different from car hire price. Plus means we can go to Casino supermarket which is cheaper than on site shop plus more choice etc.

Booked here cos it had lots of activities and big pool for kids (ages 6 and 4). It's the first time Eurocamp have been here so really hoping it's ok!

campfan Sun 17-Apr-16 01:02:42

When are you going in July?

Tartyflette Sun 17-Apr-16 01:14:14

Traffic on the A6 is horrendous at the weekend. We were stationary for long periods on the journey down. Also, do NOT drive into St.Tropez. Ste.Maxime is much nicer anyway, IMO, albeit without the Russian super-yachts complete with, er, ladies of the night.
DOn't know about campsites I'm afraid, we had a villa. That sounds much grander than it was!
(t was fine,, quite nice in fact, with a pool, just not a 'villa in provence' type- villa. )

Sleepyfergus Sun 17-Apr-16 23:02:37

We're going 5-18th July. Just starting to read up about the area. Excited!! Have you booked yet?

campfan Mon 18-Apr-16 01:02:52

Yup booked. Going on 24th July. Very excited ! Went as a child many years ago but after dreadful weather in the vendee last year I am hoping for glorious blue skies, and sitting out in the evenings sipping wine!

Sleepyfergus Mon 18-Apr-16 09:20:27

I love the Vendee (many eurocamps here as a child) but my DH wanted (fingers crossed) guaranteed decent weather so Med here we come. Now of course, I'm fretting about the kids in the sun, but we'll just need to be sensible with lots of sun tan lotion, rash vests and midday siestas! But yes to lovely evenings when it's warm, cold beers/wine watching the run about daft with the inevitable pack of new friends you make on campsites.

I promise to come back and type up a 'review' for you in the 6 days between us getting back and you leaving!

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