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Camping With Baby?

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WestCountryLass Sun 07-Jan-07 22:45:34

Someone out there must have done it, how was it?

We went camping a few times last summer and DS is desperate to go this year, baby is due at the end of March so could be 6-8 wks old. We also have a DD.

Will be breastfeeding (hopefully) so sterilising not an issue but any other issues I should be aware of?

ILoveDolly Sun 07-Jan-07 23:42:21

i know people who have done it but no advice i can impart - sure someone will have done on MN ......

Spidermama Mon 08-Jan-07 00:08:26

I've done it. It's a great age because they're still so portable, especially if they are on the breast. (Though I'm sure it would be fine on the bottle too.)

IME the only time it's hard is when they're sort of 1-2. When they're walking and grabbing everything. This makes camping and cooking at the campsite and storing food etc, really, really tough. That's the time to avoid it.

I LOVE camping with babies. It's very special.

Spidermama Mon 08-Jan-07 00:09:34

You'll need to get yourSELF very comfy if you've just recently had a baby. Splash out on good kit like a self inflating mattress and a good cotton sleeping bag.

WestCountryLass Tue 09-Jan-07 22:10:05

Cheers SM, got an inflatable mattress and good sleeping bags so i'm good to go then

milkybarsrus Wed 10-Jan-07 19:34:02

hi, i went camping last year with my 3 month old, and was breastfeeding to.My advice would be take a moses basket and a stand if you have room in the car then baby doesn't get cold because off the floor. Use a fleece with feet over the usual nightwear and a hat.It gets really NIPPY for night feeds if you know what i mean, so that was the only downside to it really.

Quadrophenia Wed 10-Jan-07 19:36:38

camped with 3 month old also was deffo easier than toddlers!

beckybrastraps Wed 10-Jan-07 19:43:53

We used a gro bag and a blanket in a carrycot. Hat when chilly and baby v. small. Very easy. We use a double air bed and a kingsize duvet rather than sleeping bags, so I could feed lying down and under the cover and there was plenty of room. We don't travel light

scongent Wed 10-Jan-07 19:48:59

We used a grobag & blanket at night & as long as you are breast feeding then no problems with food. We also took a fold up high chair & our 10 month old spent most of the time in camp sitting in that to keep her away from the cooking things. Definitely easier with babies than toddlers, our two year old was a nightmare!

purpleturtle Wed 10-Jan-07 19:49:06

We used a proper baby sleeping bag in a suitcase when ds was 4 months old. He was very cosy.

So cosy, in fact, that when we came home he wouldn't sleep in his cot until we put the suitcase in it!

Roobie Wed 10-Jan-07 19:56:36

We went camping in early June when ds was 5 weeks old so the nights were still a bit on the nippy side. It could not have been easier logistically as we took his travel cot and the fresh air seemed to zonk him out. We just made sure he had a couple of extra layers on under his sleeping bag and then took a couple of blankets just in case (although never needed them).
We also took his bouncy chair for him to sit around in.

feetheart Wed 10-Jan-07 19:56:37

LOL at the suitcase!

Took a travel cot when DD was small but last year just had DS on a single airmattress next to our double one. Night-time feeds were SO much easier as no-one had to get out of nice warm sleeping bag to get the baby

Primark do great fluffy sleepsuits for #3 at the moment, I'm going to stock up for this summer.

Tumblemum Sat 13-Jan-07 23:12:45

We took a pop up cot but she did not use it. She slept in a double sleeping bag with me and we also took a double duvet. She sat in her car seat watching the world go by. Even though it was summer woolly hats were useful.

If you are breastfeeding should be easy. It was a huge sucess. Probably will never do again as she is my last baby

Muminfife Thu 08-Feb-07 12:24:46

Message withdrawn

Waswondering Fri 09-Feb-07 09:52:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nikkid21 Sun 18-Feb-07 21:42:37

We did it when my son was 12 weeks. Took a regular travel cot so that he was off the ground, lined it with a single duvet and then had him in a grobag.
Was fantastic - even if night feeds were nippy.
It's more tricky with a toddler but we found a fab solution last year. Avon did a blow up, child's bed that had raised sides. Means that she didn't roll off it like an airbed and she felt quite snug.

tenbygirl Wed 21-Feb-07 20:12:18

I wouldn't take a moses basket and a stand as the cold air will be circulating underneath. Take a moses basket and place the moses basket on some sort of "insulation", either a karrimat or just folder up towels/blankets. Have baby between you and your hubby.

I lived in a tent for 2 months when dd was only a few weeks old and had no problems whatsoever.

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