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A whole new world but lost!

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KrakenAwakes Mon 28-Mar-16 12:37:02


Hiring a motorhome for 10 days, want to do a mix of campsites and stops near nice views. Family circumstances mean it's just me as the driver with two children under 5.

If anyone has a moment I'd be very grateful for any links to known circular road trips (starting from Cambridge and heading north not south as we have a wedding to attend partway though near Berwick), good places to camp with small children with wet weather and dry weather activities. Because I don't have a tow bar on our estate I can't hire a caravan and realise that I'll need to plan well so as not to have to keep leaving the campsite for supplies so places with shops would be great.

It's all a bit new, and although it's meant to be an adventure it's also me exploring this as a way to holiday over the next ten years or so as the children grow up. Much appreciated

millimat Mon 28-Mar-16 22:23:29

Can't help sorry, but it sounds very exciting!

MabelBee Tue 29-Mar-16 09:54:58

I don't know much about campervans but do know that some people have an awning on their motorhome which detaches and zips closed, which means if you did need to drive away from your campsite you wouldn't need to completely pack up all your stuff. This would free you up a bit. I tend to search nationwide for available sites by date on which might help you plan a route.

Milliways Tue 29-Mar-16 18:42:49

Plan a route to Berwick, decide how many nights/stops you want on the way and then look on UK campsite for campsites in towns along the way.

The caravan club site at York is on my wish list to visit- walkable to the city attractions so you could maybe aim for a couple of nights there?

We like to have at least 2 nights at each place, giving at least 1 full day to explore. We did 2 weeks in Cornwall with 3-4 nights at each site, and stopped at Supermarkets to restock between sites (easy to park in Supermarkets) then made sure each site was walkable to a beach and pub! I have a similar route planned for North Wales, Snowden and Pembrokeshire. It's great having a new holiday every few days.

KrakenAwakes Thu 07-Apr-16 13:45:23

Wanted to come back and say thank you and that the van is booked!

Milliways Thu 07-Apr-16 21:56:21

Well done! Now you can start planning your route smile

If you have never. Used a van before I suggest videoing the handover as remembering how to work the heating/hot water controls etc can be fun! We were forever referring to manuals and videos with our first Motorhome.

WillBillHal Fri 06-May-16 07:01:57

Have you got any further with your plans? Looking at your route, I'd suggest something on the lines of heading up the Peak District, up to York/North Yorks Coast (Whitby, Robin Hoods Bay) onto the wedding in Berwick, then across to the Lakes before heading back down to Cambridge. Very exciting!!

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