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Camp me list of everything I need!

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MumBoyGirl Wed 23-Mar-16 21:29:44

So...I'm biting the bullet and buying a tent!
My kids will think I have lost my mind am wonderful!

So before I tell them, I need to budget and plan a little...

I've been to have a look at some tents - and haven't yet deceided on what to get...but I'm trying to work out how much I'll need to spend on other stuff to make it a pleasant way to travel and not just an endurance test!!

I don't need fairy lights and sheepskins, but neither do I want to slum it.
So...what are your must haves for comfort and practicalities when camping??

I am thinking I would really like airbeds (one for me and DH and one for kids to share)?

What about tables for eating, places to store stuff, cooking??

I'd really appreciate some tips from more experienced campers!


Keeptrudging Thu 24-Mar-16 07:44:50

We used to go camping a lot. Our equipment for 4 of us was: Folding aluminium table, camping bench (seats 2), 2 big camping chairs, 2 burner gas stove (uses small gas canisters), air beds, camping lamp and our tent was one which had a large central area with 3 sleeping pods off it. Stored stuff in large zipped waterproof shopping bags (home bargains have them) and rucksacks.

isambardo Sat 26-Mar-16 08:00:18

Mumsnet has a really useful and quite comprehensive list, sorry I can't link from the device I'm using.

Make comfort a priority with lots of cosy bedding. We have bell tent which we love, not glamped up but it's a lovely space.

I get cold easily so hate airbeds, we are investing in self inflating mats (Sims) this year.

Cold, damp kids will be miserable (flashbacks to my childhood camping!) so take wellies/waterproofs for the mornings and lots of layers at night.

Top mumsnet space saving tip - freeze a box of wine for an icepack and drink as it defrosts smile

loubielou31 Sat 26-Mar-16 10:46:23

We have a caravan so some of these are more specific but this is my list. WARNING it is very long and will not fit into a normal car but it might help you write yours. (I've just printed it out to sort out the Caravan before we go away next week)

It's copied and pasted from table in word which is why it looks a bit odd in here.

Caravan “Got It” (long) list. (I must have a shorter list for if we're just going away for a weekend)

BarbequeCorner blocksHot water bottles
BatteriesCorkscrewIkea bags
BikesCrocsInsect repellent
Bin BagsCruetInsect room guard
BinocularsCutleryKettle: Electric
BooksDettoxKettle: Whistling
Bottle openerDishclothKitchen roll
Breathalyser kitDrill and corner toolKnives
BroomDustpan and brushLantern
BucketDuvetsLaundry detergent
CadacElastic bandsLighter
Café tierreElectric leadLighter blocks
Camp KitchenEmpty milk bottleLights
CameraFace clothsLoo roll
Candle holdersFan heater
Can openerFire blanket
CDsFirst aid kit
ChairsFly swat
Charcoal Foil
Chemical fluidFood *
Chopping boardsFrying pan
Citronella candlesGames *
Cling filmGas cylinders
Clothes *Grater
Coat hangersGround sheet
Cold blocksHand soap
Cooking utensils
MalletsScissorsWashing up bowl
MapsScootersWashing up liquid
MatchesSheets and beddingWashing up sponge
Measuring jugShoesWaste hog
Medicine boxSite booksWater Barrel
MirrorSleeping bagsWater pump
Mixing bowlsSleeping matsWash kits*
Mover remoteSmall tableWashing line
MugsSmall tentWhisk
Needle and threadStepWheel lock stuff
Notebook and penStools (& table tops)Wine glasses
Oven glovesString
Oven traysSun cream
PegsSun glasses
Phone chargerTablecloth
Picnic setTeapot
Picnic blanketTea towels
Plastic bagsToaster
Plastic tubsTorch
PlatesToys *
Pledge wipesTowels
Potato peelerTrays
Rain coats
Rubber gloves

loubielou31 Sat 26-Mar-16 10:48:12

I've just reread and realised that this isn't quite the list that you're needing. Sorry.

Fourormore Sat 26-Mar-16 10:53:51

I'd say prioritise your beds. Nothing worse than being cold or uncomfortable at night. We have a high rise air bed which is good but needs re-inflating each night. I want to switch to camp beds with a 10cm sim on top.

Blu Sat 26-Mar-16 14:12:23

Stuff to sleep on: blow up beds or SIMs - or thick roll up mats from Decathon for the kids are usually FINE. SIMS are warmer because they insulate from the ground, comfort between blow-up or SIMS is a matter of personal choice.
3 season sleeping bags - unless you are only camping in the S of France, for example.
Chairs: stable chairs, with cup holder.
A table
Something to cook on: double burner stove / Cadac all popular choices and then you can decide what sort of camper you are and maybe in the future add a Cobb or a Campfire Grill or a tripod etc. Portable BBQ always good - you may need to raise it off the ground in many site.
Some sort of plastic box / crate to store stuff in - unless you go for a camping cupboard
Good lanterns.
Kettle that goes on your stove. (but you can manage with a pan to begin with

Then it's your smaller stuff, and much of that you can pillage from your kitchen to begin with.

And extras like a tarp or gazebo, a windbreak, etc .

Blu Sat 26-Mar-16 14:21:52

This is my camping checklist: (I don't take everything every time - depends on planned catering arrangements)

Sleeping bags
Lanterns and torches
BBQ , charcoal
Campfire grill
Pie iron
Big water flagon
Travel clock
Penknife / opener
Tick remover
Toilet roll
kitchen roll
Bin bags
Mosie repellant
Toothbrushes, etc
Buthchers hook
Icey Tek and freezer blocks
Spare Batteries
Chargers – phone etc
NT Book
Flip flops
Walking boots
Fire steel
Go Pro
Kite etc, ball
Survival tin

Plates, bowls, mugs, classes, cutlery
Chopping board
Pan holders
BBQ tools -tongues
Frying pan
Folding washing up bowl
Salt and pepper sachets, sauce sachets
Tea towels
Sponge, liquid, gloves

TiggyD Sat 26-Mar-16 22:23:08

I should start by pointing out that on your first trip you shouldn't go to far from home. Close enough to be able to pop back and get stuff you realise you need. Close to a good camping supply shop, and a decently amenitied(?) camp site. Maybe even your back garden would be a useful trial. With camping, being over prepared is vastly preferable to being underprepared.

And don't go for too long either.You might think "bugger this" and give up.

Wolfiefan Sat 26-Mar-16 22:24:46

Put the tent up to practice before you go.
Get a good tent.
Get good Sleeping stuff. It's crap to camp if you get wet and can't sleep!!!!

gruber Sat 26-Mar-16 22:32:52

Buy ski base layers now in shops (cheap as they all on sale) and wear under pjs.
Take hats to wear at night.
Take hot water bottles (ditto)
Pain au Chocolat and croissants make an excellent alternative to toast. Brioche keep for ever and are useful for feeding hungry small people. Here is my main list:


Tent inner
Tent outer
Tent poles
Front porch/gazebo
Cleaning box
Water carrier
Trolley for water carrier
2 ring cooker
Kitchen box
Tea jar & teabags
Aluminium table
Small table
big table
Groundsheet & doormat bag
Camp Kitchen
Dish drainer
Sleeping mats x2
Roll of plastic
Gas canister
2x camping chairs
Cool box
Rope bag
Wellies and walking boots
Microfibre towels

justabigdisco Sun 27-Mar-16 20:43:05

Watching this! I've been trying to get H to agree to go camping for ages. We've got a 7mo and 4yo. Starting with a family friendly festival this year but want to get decent kit for future trips smile

PickledLilly Sun 27-Mar-16 20:48:53

I wouldn't advise air beds. We had one of the big ones that's higher off the ground but I found it bloody awful to sleep on. A decent thick SIM or a camp bed with a thinner SIM (depending on your preference) will be much more comfortable.

PutAPlasterOn Sun 27-Mar-16 20:57:33

We bough at tent last year and camped for first time with 2 Dec, 7&3. We have a Vango Keswick tent.

We bought the following-
Sleeping bags each.
Air beds each
Fold out table to use stove on
Gas stove & pan set (halfords)
Fold out picnic table & chairs (halfords)
Battery torches
Cool box & ice packs
Wind break
Camping toilet (basically a bucket with a toilet seat)

We only camped twice for a few nights each time.

This summer we will make a few changes. We've decided to go electric hook up this time. We couldn't keep food fresh im cool box.
Need to buy hook up cable, small electric heater, kettle & toaster. We don't have room to fit any more in car so not going to buy a fridge. We've decided to just take basic food that doesn't need refrigerating and eat out.

Need Fold out camp beds to replace air beds which we threw away as they didn't stay inflated.

Some inflatable sofas type things.

usual Sun 27-Mar-16 20:58:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PutAPlasterOn Sun 27-Mar-16 21:02:30

Just to add to that... We camped in August and it was freezing at night. I had on pj's, fleece jacket, sleeping bag, duvet. We had carpet in floor of tent and in bedrooms plus blankets between floor and air beds. Kids were in vests, pj's, onesies, sleeping bags with blankets in top! I'd say definitely spend on good 3/4 seasons sleeping bags. The 3 year old has a child size 'pod' sleeping bag and the 7 year old has an adults side. We bought most of our kit from Go Outdoors. Some cooking equipment from halfords in sale and tent from Winfields online.

justabigdisco Sun 27-Mar-16 22:25:47

How is the Vango Keswick putaplasteron? That's the one we're looking at getting.

Pollaidh Sun 27-Mar-16 22:31:02

I am a rough camper, so can't advise on luxury, but I would say that Petzl head torches are absolutely essential.

abitofperidtalkdoesnthurt Sun 27-Mar-16 22:41:05

Lights, torches and lamps.

Never too many!

LumelaMme Sun 27-Mar-16 22:44:24

It's late, so I haven't read RTFT and someone might have suggested this, but one of our best ever camping buys was a big (huge), clear plastic storage box with a clip on lid (really useful box, I think it was called - bought in Staples or somewhere similar).

Everything in it stays dry when it pisses with rain (including the matches - though we have an extra tiny box for those as well). It doubles as a seat or a (low) prep surface. All food that needs to be out of the weather or away from the wildlife can go in it (open packets of pasta or biscuits, veg, eggs, bread).

And when you're at home, all your camping plates, mugs, cutlery, torches, pans etc etc can be packed into it, the lid clipped on - and then you stuff it in the garage and it's all packed and ready for next time.

Also, for the air bed, an electric pump which plugs into the fag lighter socket in the car. Saves hours of hassle and reduces the swearing.

LumelaMme Sun 27-Mar-16 22:45:43

Oh, and a massive flask we use as a teapot: tea stays warm in the morning chill while it mashes. Hot tea. Fabulous.

DontCallMeBaby Sun 27-Mar-16 22:50:39

Lighting - head torches are really useful, as are normal torches, but trying to do semi-civilised family camping without a decent lantern or two is miserable. It goes dark! Proper dark! You can't find your book or wine or anything! grin

I'm a SIM convert, but I never would have done shared airbeds. Too small, too wobbly.

Good sleeping stuff. I have a Vango sleeping bag that's like a duvet folded in half with a zip on. Rough camping it's not, it folds to the size of a small suitcase, but I really feel the cold and it makes it all bearable.

If you're going to cook, think about what you need to do so. I've forgotten a sieve (easily done, and it's really hard to strain rice with a saucepan lid) and a chopping board in the past.

PS if you like to read, Kindle Paperwhite/Voyager is your friend when camping smile

TiggyD Sun 27-Mar-16 23:10:11

Pollaidh Why a Petzl? I've always used a cheap £5 head torch. How much better is a good one?

My often overlooked items list:
Dry things to wear at night
Flip flops/ sandals for the shower
Head torch
Rain gear, x2 (After a storm last year)
Lighter x2 or 3
Far warmer bedding than you'd think

Pollaidh Sun 27-Mar-16 23:14:26

I've just had bad experiences with cheap ones - poor beams, not watertight. Depends on whether you will need to navigate or cross tricky terrain though - in which case a really decent reliable torch is an essential. If you're pottering around a campsite a cheaper model may well be fine.

abitofperidtalkdoesnthurt Sun 27-Mar-16 23:18:46

A decent table if you're staying for a while is essential, in my opinion. It gets items off the ground saving room as you can use it to put things under, too.

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