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So which is the best bell tent?

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MagentaSpunkTrumpet Wed 23-Mar-16 15:52:43

Because I need to know!

I will be having a big birthday next year and in the spirit of marking the occasion, I am tapping up DH to spend a fortnight pottering round France and maybe even as far as Italy.

As its my birthday I also think I should be allowed the choice of tent <nods firmly>

I like SoulPad as they seem to be the best known but I've seen other makes about as well so open to suggestions. So far my criteria is,
- big enough for a double bed. DS will embrace his inner scout and have a small tent alongside
- ZIG so I can roll the sides up in the scorching heat we will have to endure <tiny violin>
- able to add a stove later. We may sell afterwards but if not a stove would be a definite consideration
- as easy to dry as possible. We have limited outdoor space at home, which is the main reason we haven't splashed out before

So fire away with your best suggestions 🙂

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tempo Tue 19-Apr-16 11:01:02

they are the best.

lavendersun Tue 19-Apr-16 11:15:19

I haven't got a bell tent but have had a ridge tent from BCT, the scout tent people. Made in West Yorkshire. My little ridge tent was fab quality.

We have got a dutch pyramid tent and a tipi tent, there is far more usable room the pyramid for long breaks. The tipi is great for putting up and down quickly though.

FrozenAteMyDaughter Tue 03-May-16 14:13:05

Maybe a bit late but just in case it is still relevant.

Those tents are the same ones sold cheaper in the Netherlands by Obelink. However, they have some sort of restrictive agreement whereby Obelink sell only through Bell Tent and won't ship to the UK or Ireland.

If you don't need it before going to France, we once got Obelink to ship an inner tent to a French campsite and took delivery there but whether you can do that with a tent obviously depends on how accommodating the site will be. You will save a fair amount of money potentially though (possibly not far off £100 on a quick calculation on today's exchange rate by the look of it, but obviously that could vary and depends what tent you choose).

Otherwise, I have heard very good things about Similar tents, a bit cheaper for some of their range than Bell Tent, and good customer service (so I have read).

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