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We're going camping...sleeping bag help needed.

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schilke Mon 21-Mar-16 10:06:37

About 6 years ago we bought a huge tent and we went camping for a week. We haven't used it since and that's my fault. I slept terribly. I probably got 3 hours a night at the most. I was uncomfortable. I had an alpkit camping sim, but woke up (!) with an aching back. My biggest problem was the sleeping bag. I fought it every night.

So we are going again this year as we need to holiday on the cheap. Can anyone recommend a sleeping bag? I want more wriggle room. Is the Gelert sleeping pod any good? I've been reading the thread about mats. The exped one looks great, but far too much splurge on what might be our last camping trip.

We have 4 dc - they'll be 18,16,12 & 10 by the summer - a huge tent, so there is no room for duvets, to pad out my mat, in our Ford Galaxy. We do have a roof box, but no trailer.

alexw Mon 21-Mar-16 10:16:24

Try the outwell dreamboat mat and duvet - we use a vacuum bag to slim ours down to almost flat to fit it in. The sleeping pods are quite thin so not too warm but are good space wise.

SalmonMaki Mon 21-Mar-16 10:22:47

No sleeping bag suggestions I'm afraid, but wondering if you've tried camp beds? We all use those (2 adults, 2 DCs) as we find them much much more comfortable than mats. And being slightly off the ground, I find it slightly warmer too. Quite cheap and don't take up much room in the car boot.

Thumbcat Mon 21-Mar-16 11:58:33

I have a Gelert sleeping pod and there is a lot more room to move about than in a traditional shaped bag. The lining isn't particularly nice but the smoothness of it does mean you can turn over without the bag twisting itself around you. Because it's bigger it can be harder to stay warm so I have a big furry blanket on top on colder nights.

Pengweng Mon 21-Mar-16 13:24:25

I have this one and like it because i feel trapped in a mummy type bag. This one I can roll over in and not get tangled and freak out. I also take a fleece blanket for if i get cold too.

nilbyname Mon 21-Mar-16 13:28:50

This is my bed set up- I don't do basic camping!

Alp kit fat airic sim, then on top - wool cellular blanket, then a fitted sheet, then a winter weight habitat goose down duvet, then a welsh wool blanket. Hot water bottle in the foot of the bed. Pillows from home. It's more comfortable than my regular bed! So cosy!

I sometimes put my yoga mat under my sleeping may for extra insulation.

schilke Mon 21-Mar-16 14:21:04

I'm begining to dread this trip already. That's it Pengweng I start to freak out and feel claustrophobic. Thanks for the ideas. I'll have a look at camp beds. I spent many a holiday on one when I was little.

nilly I have a fat airic, but I just didn't find it comfortable enough. My hip and back ached. Not sure I have room in the car for your bed set up!

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