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Languedoc campsites/ vacansoleil experiences

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whoosit Mon 29-Feb-16 23:22:26

Has anyone stayed in a vacansoleil pre-erected tent? I'm looking at a couple of campsites in canet en plage but can't find any specific vacansoleil reviews. Also, anyone stayed at either mar estang or les peupliers and have any recommendations please? Thanks in advance.

Janehma Sun 10-Apr-16 17:25:32

I've stayed in many over the years, trying different companies. We've settled on vacansoleil due to the low price and Dutch neighbours!

BlueGazebo Sat 16-Apr-16 15:49:48

We've stayed in several Vacansoleil tents and they have always been fine - cheaper than Eurocamp. As they are a Dutch company, you may well end up surrounded by friendly Dutch folk but if there are other Brits using Vacansoleil, they might try and put you near each other. You might also end up in a row with other travel companies such as Eurocamp anyway. The Vacansoleil reps have always been brilliant and have always spoken good English. You may have to clean the tent out on the last morning before getting deposit back but they usually supply everything you will need.

Try and Trip Advisor for campsite reviews once you have chosen a few. I haven't been to the ones you mention. We are going to the Dordogne this year - looks lovely!

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