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Propane or butane?

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NannyR Sat 27-Feb-16 18:17:04

I've just bought a cadac safari chef (10% off at go outdoors this weekend) but I'm confused at what gas and connection bits and pieces I need. Previously I've cooked on a trangia with a propane/butane canister so this looks a bit more complicated!

From googling I've worked out that propane cooks more slowly, but works at low temps (but as I only camp in the summer not really an issue), you can also get propane in lighter, plastic bottles (which could be useful)

How long would 4.5kg gas last for? One person, cooked breakfast and evening meal plus teas and coffees, generally 2 or 3 trips a year, of a week at a time. Which gas works out most economical?


WhoTheFuckIsSimon Sat 27-Feb-16 18:24:14

I don't think there's much/any price difference.

Just to be aware there's been a major shortage of calor lite for two years, it's hard to get hold of them so I wouldn't be too swayed by the light bottles.

Ive no idea about cadacs and how to connect them up, sorry.

Blu Mon 29-Feb-16 18:24:46

My gas bottle, used with a two burner stove, looks like this and lasts AGES. I am sure it would last you at least a year on your usage. I think I renew ours about once every 3 years, weekend camping trips, cooked breakfasts for about 12 people, cooking stews, pasta, potatoes etc. Widely available for re-fills.

Just make sure you get the correct regulator for type of gas and bottle.

serin Tue 01-Mar-16 22:12:51

We have Butane because we do cook outside in the winter sometimes (I am a bit fussy about cooking fish in the house!!). I wouldn't worry about the cost, they last far longer than you expect them to. We are a family of 5 and use the cadac a lot (even at home) we probably spend around £30 a year on gas.

I have no idea how come it is so expensive piped to the house (n power!)

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