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Eurotenting / camping

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stellar Sat 11-May-02 08:30:04

I'm desperate for a holiday this year but we haven't got a lot of cash. We are thinking about hiring a eurotent in Cornwall which will work out much cheaper than hiring a caravan or cottage.

The problem is that we have never been camping before and we have three children ages 5, 3 & 18months. Are we mad to consider camping?

Any tips/advice/comments most appreciated



SofiaAmes Sat 11-May-02 10:15:46

Stella, go somewhere where it is guaranteed not to rain like spain or portugal or italy. You many find that when you add up all the costs it could be cheaper than cornwall. Everything is cheaper on the continent (petrol, food, trains, restaurants, clothing...) and if you plan carefully you could even get one of the cheap airlines for next to nothing.! Look online.

SofiaAmes Sat 11-May-02 10:17:01

And, they are very child friendly in those countries.

janh Sat 11-May-02 11:28:35

stellar, eurotenting is almost not like camping at all - huge tent, electricity, stove, cupboards/shelves, table, chairs, comfy beds etc - it is a great holiday for small children. (And you can get cots, highchairs etc with the tent so you don't have to stuff the car with them.)
We have never done it in Cornwall, only in France, but the weather in Cornwall can be as good as in France and it rains everywhere some of the time!
But I would say, if you are really skint go in June or September because the high season costs are ridiculous.
Good luck - hope you have a great time

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