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Alpine campsite

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nearlyreadytopop Sun 21-Feb-16 21:10:37

This summer I would like to go back to the Alps. Before children we stayed in Chamonix and did a lot of climbing.
Now we have two little ones and are really into mountain biking.
We will also be driving (easier to bring bikes/tent/climbing gear).
We need a quite family friendly campsite with play park close to mountain bike trails. Bonus points for family friendly off road trails.

Itisbetternow Sun 21-Feb-16 21:12:31

Campsite in Les Gets. Best off road trails and ski lifts carrying bikes to top of runs. Can walk into les gets which has lots of restaurants, play areas, trampolines etc.

hellodave Sun 21-Feb-16 22:13:59

I have ( just today) booked [[ Brunnen Campsite. Its in Bavaria/ on athe Austrian border and very near some lovely castles. I can't comment on what it's like yet but looks good online. We're using it as a stop off going down to Italy.

hellodave Sun 21-Feb-16 22:14:54

oooops link fail

wohmum Sun 21-Feb-16 22:19:41

We've stayed at camping jungfrau in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland a couple of times. Definitely recommend - good facilities and activities and fab scenery

BikeRunSki Sun 21-Feb-16 22:25:21

WE stayed at a nice site at the top of the Cham valley in Argentiere with the DNephs where they were wee. Argentiere Camping Argentiere

We certainly went mountain biking direct from there, can't remember anything about play parks]]

Lotsofcamping Mon 22-Feb-16 22:56:39

Another option is Champ du Moulin near les deux alpes. The campsite is next to a park and public swimming pool. Take the bikes on the cable car up the hill to go mountain biking. We enjoyed it there.

Lotsofcamping Mon 22-Feb-16 22:58:50

We are all booked for our holidays this year but it's great to see other Alpine recommendations.

elastamum Mon 22-Feb-16 23:01:45

We have also stayed at champ du moulin at venosc. You can also ski on the glacier in the summer. We went skiing on the 1st August! There is mountain biking, white water rafting, high wires and a donkey sanctuary near by. Fab place

nearlyreadytopop Tue 23-Feb-16 15:17:19

For some reason this thread disappeared on me!
Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm so excited to get biking in the Alps!

wickedfairy Sun 13-Mar-16 08:00:31

Camping Brunnen looks great! (As do the others, actually!)

We are looking at Germany again this year, so Brunnen is a great option! Are there any other recommended sites in Germany like this? There are so many, it is hard to decide!

PiafPilaf Mon 21-Mar-16 20:20:29

We stayed at Alpen-Caravanpark Tennsee last year. It was absolutely fantastic! Right at the foot of the Bavarian Alps, with Garmisch-Partenkirchen in one direction and Mittenwald in the other. The cycle to Mittenwald (which we preferred to Garmisch - it's a really lovely little town) is stunning. Enough up and down to be interesting but not ridiculous. We did it on a tandem with a trailer for our toddler. It has two playgrounds, a lovely restaurant with very good food, games room, playroom for under 5s, and various family entertainment (but not raucous or noisy!). You can also hire a family bathroom for your stay which was a great help. They call the area 'Kinderland' and as far as provision for families went we couldn't fault it. Loads to see and do for all ages and we did lots of cycling.

I'm very picky with sites and I would honestly go back in a heartbeat!

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