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Camp Bestival Lulworth 2016

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Dumptrunks Sat 20-Feb-16 21:56:35

We have just bought tickets for this years camp Bestival and will be taking our three year old dd. We have paid for camping plus and will be in the indigo section and am looking for any top tips from anyone that has been to the festival.

Also wondering if you bought kids ear defenders or one of those pull along wagon thingymadoods, TIA 😘

MuddlingThru Sun 06-Mar-16 20:32:31

Antibacterial hand gel. Toilet paper.

It is quite a large site so I would suggest a wagon for your dd (unless you have an 'off road' buggy already) both for speed and to help her last the day. Ear defenders - depends on how close to the stage you want to get and how sensitive you dd is to sound.

Dumptrunks Thu 10-Mar-16 12:42:04

Thank you

mamaduckbone Thu 10-Mar-16 20:01:21

We went last year and had a fab time.
Truck - yes for getting your stuff from the car, to save little legs and for your dc to snooze in later if you want to stay out and watch the music. Indigo is quite far out, which makes it peaceful later at night but it's a bit of a hike.
Ear defenders - yes, see above! Our youngest slept quite happily out and about with his ear defenders on.
Take glow sticks / solar fairy lights to stop people crashing into your truck in the dark.
Food-wise we found it best to have breakfast at the tent, buy lunch out then go back to the tent for tea and a shower (queues are horrendous in the morning) get youngest in his PJs, snuggled up in the truck then back out again.

The trucks themselves weigh a ton and pulling them up and down the hills isn't fun, I recommend you borrow a off road buggy. Also yy to ear defenders for the evening but we use the cheapy ones you get in B&Q not fancy ones.

Twine88 Sun 24-Apr-16 14:06:09

We are off to CB this year - staying in Orange camping plus, last year we were in red, which was nice and quiet but a little too far from arena and showers - although in the grand scheme of things a decent location.

We take our 2 seater cycle trailer for the kids - great for them to chill out in and also great for carrying stuff to save trips back to the tent. We fitted battery fairy lights to it and twisted glow sticks (bought in 100 pack off ebay) around the wheel spokes. We also bought a trunki neck pillow as the seats in the trailer don't recline, so kids could sleep with the neck pillow more comfortably.

I recommend travel johns if you don't want to get up to go to loos in the night.

Hamman towels are great as well - pack really small and dry really quickly.

Crocs or something similar are great for kids - can use them in showers etc and they are hard wearing in case of anything nasty on the floor - although CB is the cleaneest festival I have ever been at.

Ear defenders are great for the kids rave etc, will also be taking out bubble wands and guns as last year we spent a fortune on them!

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