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Large group camping - how does it work?

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hillbilly Fri 29-Jan-16 19:43:16

We have never camped as a large group before but thinking to celebrate my significant birthday this year with a bunch of families. Obv since it's my birthday we will stock up on booze but wondering how one would organise meals. It would be nice to have a completely together meal cooked collectively on the Saturday night. Maybe have all the BBQs together for mass cooking? Anyway any tips would be gratefully received smile

donajimena Fri 29-Jan-16 19:44:38

BBQs together but put your own stuff on your own. It gets messy otherwise!

BlueBlueBelles Fri 29-Jan-16 19:49:11

We went as a group - one small caravan with awning, surrounded by several tents. Caravan and awning was communal gathering place, there was electricity there and kettle etc. bbq, lots of meat. Rota for family cooking / pot washing. List sent out to each family for provisions to bring. It was a great weekend, and that's as someone who doesn't do camping!

StarOnTheTree Fri 29-Jan-16 19:50:20

BBQs together but put your own stuff on your own. It gets messy otherwise!

That's what we do. We eat what we want from our own stuff and then anything that's left is offered to others. All the kids usually get a sausage butty each from whoever cooks the sausages first grin

profpoopsnagle Fri 29-Jan-16 21:04:42

How many are you talking about and will you have EHU? We had a weekend camp for DH's birthday- @50-60 people. Some camped, some went in a barn and others popped in for the just evening. Everyone did their own thing for most meals but we organised a big BBQ for the Sat evening. We did have access to a fridge in the barn but we could have managed without I think.

1) We got a Sainsburys delivery to site on Sat morning with most of the stuff. Go easy and buy what you can pre sliced etc. It may be helpful to have a shop also to home a few days before and freeze anything you can.
2) I made a few salads up at home Friday morning, and placed in empty icecream boxes to stack in coolbox and then to serve on the table.
3) We got 2 big disposable BBQs and then had our cobb for veggie stuff.
4) We just did burgers and sausages galore and DH's brother was sterling in that he manned the BBQ for about 2 hours.
5) I don't really like them but we used paper plates/kitchen roll to serve things where possible.
6) I had a fire bucket and a hand washing station right next to the BBQ.

If you have EHU you could consider using slow cookers. Big vat of Chilli/refried beans and wraps? Or cook hams?

Or get a fish and chip van to turn up?

hillbilly Fri 29-Jan-16 21:12:52

Thanks for your replies.

Prof - I imagine about 40 people half adults half kids aged 7-11. No EHU but use of campsite fridge. Pizza truck on site Friday nights so might be an idea to bulk order.

Milliways Sat 30-Jan-16 06:27:21

We go with up to 50 people.
Friday night we BBQ and tend to have a few BBQs out, one with sausages, one with burgers, one halloumi etc. Someone butters rolls, another fries onions and mushrooms.
Saturday is curry night. We take pappadoms and pickles and this tubs of 3 coloured pilau rice that a few people wok stir fry, them another few pans of sizzle & stir type korma and others with tikka. I make a pan fried Bombay potato using a Schwartz packet mix.
Sunday is often a Chinese of Fish & chips delivered to site!
Breakfasts are shared fry ups, one on bacon, one sausages, one beans, one mushrooms etc. Large tray of croissants from Costco too

This way people who only have a tent and no other stuff can try camping ( borrow tents) and just bring food.
We decide up front who is bringing caffetierres and coffee, who teabags, ketchup etc so saves everyone bringing everything.
It's fab, and now we have our Tin Tent (camper) we can keep stuff in the proper fridge and have on tap home water smile

hillbilly Mon 01-Feb-16 15:31:16

Thanks milliways. Do you have a gazebo? I see lots of groups with communal food/cooking areas under cover.

Milliways Mon 01-Feb-16 18:27:33

Yes, our best is a proper Khyam Camping gazebo, totally waterproof and can zip it all shut or open any of 6 sides (hexagonal). We also have Coleman and Halfords own event shelters depending on numbers.
Before gazebos we coped with large umbrellas over the cookers!
You also need marshmallows and squirty cream for hot chocolate, with Baileys for the adult ones (or mulled wine)

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