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Alpkit Kraku or MSR Pocket Rocket?

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BloodyBloods Wed 27-Jan-16 11:12:34

I am looking for a very small stove, which for the moment will be kept in my emergency bag but will also be used for the odd overnight when my health improves a bit. I was looking at the MSR Pocket Rocket as it is a very popular item but then I saw the Alpkit Kraku which is teeny tiny and would be perfect for hiking. I would be using it for dehydrated meals and hot drinks when walking (so boiling water, basically), and for heating tins of food and boiling water if I had to leave my house for whatever reason (hopefully won't happen!).

I wondered if anyone had any opinions either way.

PS I have plenty in the way of larger stoves for camping so I'm not looking for any suggestions of bulkier items that would be more suitable for a camping holiday.

Krampus Thu 28-Jan-16 08:14:43

I have a Primus ETA Express, this isnte newer style.

Very quick boil and it all packs down into the pot, including a small gas. The main difference I can see between the newer styles and mine is the shape of the pot. I have used it for week long walks before.

BloodyBloods Fri 29-Jan-16 11:14:26

Thanks, I hadn't considered that possiblilty. It looks quite good and very compact. I have a metal mug that I was going to keep the gas and stove in but that looks like quite a nifty thing.

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