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Driving from Calais to Venice, most economical route

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Magicmax Mon 18-Jan-16 07:59:57

Hi to all you motorhomers
I am about to book with P&O for a crossing to drive down to Vence from Calais in July this year, ferry price isnt too bad £78 each way,
If any one knows a cheaper way please get in touch
I have been using microsoft auto route for many years as a motorhomer and truck driver
but after using the michelin route planner, it tells me the most economical route is via Belgium, Germany, Austria and down into Italy, I presume this is to avoid French tolls
Now before we go any further, my motorhome is a fiat Ducato tag axle and I to tow a twin axle trailer, GVW 6500kg,
I have travelled down to spain several times and never been through a French or Spanish toll, for the fear of being charge a fortune,
being over 3500kg and having 5 axles and 44ft long
my question here is what charges and restrictions are there driving through Germany and Austria and also Italy
any info for any routes would be appreciated
many thanks

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