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Wild (ish) campsites in Sussex/Kent for group of several families?

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mrsm43s Sun 10-Jan-16 17:53:48

Our favourite off the grid campsite appears to have shut down, so we're looking for somewhere to go for a weekend this summer.

We're a group of 5 families with children ranging from 6-12yrs, and are looking for campsites that are basic, campfires allowed, and preferably woodland pitches.

Any recommendations/suggestions? We have found a few possibilites by googling, but none that seem quite right. Lots of the lovely, secluded places don't want to take large groupssad We don't want EHU or fancy facilities, and ideally would like to be able to pitch up together, but a bit away from others.

ThomasRichard Mon 11-Jan-16 09:29:24

Have you looked at Heaven Farm in Sussex? Definitely basic and secluded and welcomes large groups but I'm not sure about campfires.

ooosaidooo Sat 23-Jan-16 08:30:59

You can have fires here at this one (unless it is very very dry and there is a fire risk).

Lovely countryside, I haven't stayed but know the area well, and fairly off grid I think...

Blu Mon 01-Feb-16 07:58:38

Try Lords Wood, one of the CampingUnplugged sites, the Forgewood people.

hillbilly Wed 03-Feb-16 17:12:47

I would second Blu's recommendation of one of the Camping Unplugged sites. I've only been to Abbotstone Wood which was great but Inwood is also supposed to be great.

Blu Wed 03-Feb-16 18:27:54

Yes, I've been to Abbotstone Wood too, and it would suit your brief. It's Hampshire, but only just down the M3 or A3. Lords Wood is near Leeds castle / M20

rosaDiaz Wed 03-Feb-16 18:33:26

Kingsdown near Deal. Our little slice of heaven

Spadequeen Fri 26-Feb-16 18:15:59

I wouldn't recommend lordswoods. I adored forgewood and am gutted that it isn't reopening, but lords wood is just not the same.

It's tricky to find a flat pitch, especially if there are lots of you. It's portaloos only (and portashower) there is one water pipe which is a long trek if you not pitched nearby

The woods are no where near as good as forgewood and they're changing the same price!

mrsm43s Fri 26-Feb-16 22:05:57

Thanks guys. We're booked into here

Looks good!

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