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Brittany or Vendee? You decide!

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FelicityFunknickle Sun 10-Jan-16 07:48:59

Oh help me please, if you can be arsed.
I have to arrange a camping holiday (see previous thread about taking own tent to France-sorry, can't link)
I like the look of the Vendee - warm, nice beaches, not too far (we live near Dorset)
Brittany also looks nice- beaches, less warm, less far to drive.
I need to wow them a bit tbh.
Shoe me some mercy, this is the time to get out the holiday snaps and tell me all about your French camping trips.
wine to help us feel more "French"

ChippyMinton Sun 10-Jan-16 08:19:59

Check driving distances, as there's probably not much in it depending on where in Brittany you choose.
South coast of Brittany preferable to the north. Look at Carnac or Benodet for starters.
I've been to both Brittany and Vendee and prefer Brittany. Unless you want to visit Puy du Fou, the historical theme park in the Vendee, which is fantastic. Last summer we spent 2 weeks in Carnac, then added on 3 nights at Puy du Fou. What age are the children?

ChippyMinton Sun 10-Jan-16 08:21:01

I'll stick to brew bit early for wine wink

FelicityFunknickle Sun 10-Jan-16 08:33:32

brew quite right, thanks.
Two families. Children will be 3, 5, 10 & 12.
I like the idea of being close to a good beack. They all love the beach.

FelicityFunknickle Sun 10-Jan-16 08:34:24

What is it about Brittany you prefer?

BeverlyGoldberg Sun 10-Jan-16 08:35:25

Blimey I thought this was a baby name thread at first!

ivykaty44 Sun 10-Jan-16 08:35:31

It's warmer the further south

Go to the vendee or do both

Around Banned is good and so is just both of St Jean du mont

ivykaty44 Sun 10-Jan-16 08:36:02

Vannes not banned

moreshitandnofuckingredemption Sun 10-Jan-16 08:36:25

Me too Beverley grin

Dafspunk Sun 10-Jan-16 08:37:43

Beverley me too! and dear god was my second thought

brittanyfairies Sun 10-Jan-16 08:42:46

I live in southern Brittany and it's wonderful. Definitely visit us near Vannes. I found the Vendee to be very flat (and a bit boring).

We have great beaches here in Brittany.

You can visit puy de flu in a day trip from Vannes, my DCs school does it every year slthough it's a very long day.

Brittany can also get very hot in the summer.

FelicityFunknickle Sun 10-Jan-16 08:43:05


FelicityFunknickle Sun 10-Jan-16 08:45:19

Thank you. So inspirational?

Cookingwine Sun 10-Jan-16 08:49:21

Vandee is warmer and quieter, Brittany is more interesting I would say

FelicityFunknickle Sun 10-Jan-16 09:50:32

sorry about the ?
Not meant to be there.

OnlyHereForTheCamping Sun 10-Jan-16 10:27:25

Brittany is definitely more interesting. Or you could just push on to the loire which is lovely too

Fractiousfractions Sun 10-Jan-16 10:33:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

juneau Sun 10-Jan-16 10:36:16

Brittany there is a lot more to do. We looked at the Vendee a few years rback and decided we'd all be bored. Your younger DC are too young for Puy du Fou, which is really the only thing to do. We had a fab week in southern Brittany (we stayed near Auray), and the beaches round there are great.

BeverlyGoldberg Sun 10-Jan-16 10:40:44

Glad it wasn't just me that needed a cup of coffee!

ThisHorseCalledDonny Sun 10-Jan-16 11:34:38

I thought it was a baby name thread too.

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