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RueDeWakening Mon 04-Jan-16 20:53:31


We're vaguely considering "camping" in France this summer, with Eurocamp. Does anyone know how you'd sleep 6 in their standard tent? It says 2 bedrooms, and their floor plan shows them set up as a double and a twin. But DS2 would need a bed somewhere...

I feel like I should apologise for posting this here, it's not exactly proper camping! But I can't face dragging all our own stuff to France again!


Ditsy79 Tue 05-Jan-16 08:41:50

We did Eurocamp last summer, only the 3 of us though. 6 would be do-able, but probably a bit of a squeeze. There is a double, 2 singles and 2 foldaway beds. The partition between the bedrooms can be removed, and then I think you would be able to fit all the beds in. Wouldn't be much room for anything else in the bedroom compartments, but the living area is pretty roomy so I think there would be enough space for you all.

Branleuse Fri 29-Jan-16 18:24:05

we stayed one night in a eurocamp tent on a stopover, and we are five, and I dont see how youd fit 6 unless you brought your own bed and one or two of you slept in the main area.

Canvas maxi tents are much bigger fwiw, and they have a lot of the same sites

Milliways Sat 30-Jan-16 06:38:26

Have a look at Matthews Holidays. We are only 4 but one year was about to book a tent and found a static van with Matthews was cheaper (it was their smallest van, we were on a real budget, and it was Tiny but had loo/shower and 4 beds) but their next size up van may be affordable?
Their huge van is also great- did those in better years smile

We tented in UK and used statics in France for about 15 consecutive years!

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