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Northern France

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Reiltin Sun 03-Jan-16 21:40:02

Any recommendations for a site in Northern France that's good for toddlers? Also, is it actually warm in the summer?! Particularly outside school holidays.

ivykaty44 Sun 03-Jan-16 21:42:48

How far north? Normanie or further north?

I tend to find north above Paris say much the same as UK
Normandie can be warmer but can piss down to

Reiltin Tue 05-Jan-16 13:30:15

I'm looking for something a short drive from one of the ferry ports. So pretty far north!

lavendersun Wed 06-Jan-16 07:20:33

Depends on what you want, we like a no frills sort of place and are camping here at May half term.

Weather isn't very different to the South Coast of England tbh - still an adventure though smile.

R0nJ0n Wed 06-Jan-16 07:31:59

We've stayed on Yelloh sites in both Normandy and Brittany for the last couple of summers. We stayed in static caravans but they also have camping pitches. The Yelloh sites are generally very child friendly, with things like playgrounds and bouncy castles provided.

Ive found the weather in northern France to be pretty much the same as southern England, so hot and sunny is a possibility but so is wet and windy.

Boredofthinkingofnewnames Wed 06-Jan-16 07:36:56

Weather wise even as far down as La Rochelle it mostly seems to copy England - so can be hot but for the last few years has been wet and cold - so be prepared.

Branleuse Fri 29-Jan-16 18:33:42

Weatherwise itll be roughly the same as Kent.

The beaches in north france Opal coast are amazing. Wimereux is gorgeous - Le Touquet, fabulous, and theres loads of things to do in the area. If you dont mind it not getting particularly hot.

Nausiccaa aquarium in Boulogne sur mer is a brilliant day out

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