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What do I need?

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rivierliedje Sun 03-Jan-16 21:14:29

I love camping, so would like to start owning my own stuff. I have a very old sleeping bag which is just about warm enough for summer, an old SIM which is enormous and heavy and one of those foam mats wich is about as old as I am and not at all comfortable. I do have a nice pillow thing and camp towell.
In early summer I'll be going on a four day/50 mile minimum trek, camping along the way with three friends who've never been camping before.
What should I be looking for in terms of tent and bedding especially?
I'd love a bell tent, but have a feeling they're a bit heavy for walking with

Unescorted Sun 03-Jan-16 21:22:06

If you are walking then I would go for lightweight stuff. We have a canvass tipi which weighs over 30kg. It is for car camping only. We split it just to get it in and out of the car.

Look at the Alpkit website - they have some really good lightweight camping things for treking, climbing and cycling ect.

lavendersun Mon 04-Jan-16 09:18:46

You need lightweight stuff - which tends to be more 'technical' which tends to cost more sadly.

Do you have a budget in mind?

Terra Nova do decent lightweight tents - I bought a 'used grade A one' for cycle camping which was effectively brand new.

I would buy a decent used lightweight one rather than a new not so lightweight one if your budget is tight. You need to think about how many people you want the tent to sleep - buy a two man and share it, splitting the pack on your walks with you both carrying it.

This looks decent, at 2lb 12oz for two people

They have got a grade A one for £266.

This is cheaper and I know a couple of people who use them - but almost twice the weight.

We have got these for sleeping on (as yet untried)

Lightweight sleeping bags are a big expense sad but you can add a silk liner and silk pjs for warmth if you buy something that isn't quite warm enough. A sleeping bag is my biggest luxury weight wise, I cannot stand not being warm enough.

Small trangia spirit burner for cooking

There is a backpacking section on UK Campsite full of helpful people who focus on this alone. smile. You do have to choose carefully as it all adds up (weight and money).

rivierliedje Mon 04-Jan-16 14:44:56

Thank you both! I'll have a look at all those things.
I'm not sure about a budget (depends on how much I can save up), but it won't be a huge amount. My friends will be mostly borrowing things, but I would like a decent tent, sleeping bag and mat, as I intend to use them a fair amount in the future. I'm a bit of a convert to camping.

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