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dannyboyle Mon 21-Dec-15 22:38:34

So what am I doing wrong?
Have had two vango SIMS now, both hopeless and losing air out of the valve during the night to point after a few hours we might as well be on the floor. Before these we had the standard blow up flock air mattress thing. All I want is a decent mattress for camping and weekends at family where we to sleep on the floor?
Camping shop can't help just say that's how they are and some will go (after 3 uses at £80 odd quid?)

So what do I get now that will work (think I have lost confidence in SIMs and those valves!

TheHouseOnTheLane Tue 22-Dec-15 01:04:30

Are you heavier than average OP? If not I think you should complain directly to the company that makes them!

dannyboyle Tue 22-Dec-15 23:00:07

Nope, both normal range. Am going to complain, but there must be something else out there??

Blu Mon 28-Dec-15 22:29:30

That shouldn't happen!
I have both cheap Aldi SIMS and a Coleman one, and another of unknown make. None have had leaky valves, and have been used many times.

shouldwestayorshouldwego Mon 28-Dec-15 22:33:13

Agree Aldi/Lidl ones good as long as cat doesn't chew them. Last year they were in shops around summer half term time.

kittyvet Mon 28-Dec-15 22:33:49

Expedit 10cm double SIM. Heaven!

cuntycowfacemonkey Mon 28-Dec-15 22:34:39

Also have Aldi ones are they have never done this

NewToNoContact Mon 28-Dec-15 22:40:02

Contact vango directly and see if they can do anything for you. I have had a variety of sims and never had this happen.

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