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Dorset Touring Recommendations

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Thevirginmummy1 Wed 16-Dec-15 10:02:56

Can anyone recommend a nice site for touring caravans in Dorset? Ideally with pool(s) or at least a public pool nearby. Plus a nice pub within strolling distance.

I'm perfectly happy if it's a small site as long as everything is within walking distance so we don't have to mess about loading/unloading the car.

We've done various Haven Sites before which we've really enjoyed but I massively object to paying in the region of eight hundred quid to do my own washing, cleaning and cooking! Plus you end up spending a fortune there.

We've got a three year old and one year old to entertain, just for info!


nippling Wed 16-Dec-15 10:53:39


I would highly recommend Highlands End Holiday Park near Bridport. I personally think this is one of the best campsites in Dorset.

They are based on the cliff top above West Bay where Broadchurch is filmed and they have an indoor pool and a bar and restaurant on site. They are also family orientated and very child friendly.

The walks and views along the coast path are also beautiful.

I hope this floats your boat!
Good luck smile

Thevirginmummy1 Wed 16-Dec-15 14:00:57

That's one we looked at, I thought it looked nice. Thanks for the recommendation/confirmation.

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