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Le clarys plage or la garangeoire

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Nyancat Sun 01-Nov-15 19:52:13

Hi, wondering if anyone can recommend which site would be best for us. We've been to chateau des Ormes in Brittany the last two years and thinking of trying somewhere further south this year. Will be going in June, have 2 dc, who will be 4 and 18months. Dd may take or leave kids clubs but loves pools, beach, anywhere to scoot. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Milliways Sun 01-Nov-15 22:23:36

I haven't stayed at La Garangeoire but have stayed at a site next to Le Clarys Plage, and had a look around- it was very nice. (We went with Matthews Holidays who are the cheapest way of going). A good plus point for us was you can walk to the beach and a few restaurants/shops from the site.

I would suggest going a little further to the Charente Maritime region for better weather. Les Charmettes is perfect for little ones, the vans were in circles so they could play in the centre but and we had a decent grass garden around our van. The pools were fab and there are loads of kids club activities (but have to drive to the beaches, which are beautiful)

Flappingandflying Fri 27-Nov-15 17:38:14

Garangeoire has woods, lakes and walks. Lots of activities. Good restaurant. Big pitches. Beaches are about 20 mins drive. People go back year on year. Madame and Monsieur are very hands on and run the place with a rod of iron. Jean Luc and Marie Helene in reception are lovely. Nice bar. I wouldn't say the pool is brilliant for tinies. Great for horse riding.

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