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Campsite in Languedoc with public transport

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SerenaJoy Tue 22-Sep-15 22:03:13

We went to Club Farret near Beziers earlier this year, and while we really enjoyed it, we would have liked to be able to get on a bus or a train and go elsewhere for the day. There didn't seem to be any local buses, so we ended up walking to the nearest town, which was fine but a bit limited.

We're looking at going back to the same sort of region next year but wondered if anyone knew of a camping/caravan site that has good public transport links to nearby towns/cities? We don't really want to hire a car as DH drives as part of his job (and I don't fancy driving abroad!). Any tips gratefully received smile

SerenaJoy Wed 23-Sep-15 22:00:26


[winning smile]

SerenaJoy Thu 24-Sep-15 20:19:12

Bumping for evening crowd!

Milliways Sun 27-Sep-15 20:41:57

La Sirene may be ok? It is a large site with amazing entertainment (or did have when we went years ago) and has a little tran or bus that goes from the site to the beach, and from the beach I think you can walk into town? We really enjoyed it here, but we did have a car. We went with Siblu.

If you are prepared to go further, we went to Sanguli, Salou, just South of Barcelona. The beach is over the road and a train track. The station is walkable and offers day trips to Barcelona (where open top tour buses abound). Salou has loads of shops & restaurants, and loads of frequent buses - including to Portaventura - a huge Theme Park just up the road (we had a weeks pass so popped in & out at quiet times). We stayed with Thomson Alfresco

bacon Mon 28-Sep-15 21:10:10

I get the impression at public transport isnt brilliant in this part of France - saying that we managed around Beziers very well. We cycled much of it - is this an option? Its flat.

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