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Camping and toddlers

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duvet Tue 11-May-04 19:41:49

Just interested to others experiences of camping with toddler! Last year it was very straightforward as I was b/f and she just slept in pram. This year I am wondering how dd (14 months) is going to sleep in the tent. Its difficult to imagine as at home she sleeps in her own room which is dark, quietish and away from distractions like mummy and daddy obviously. I’m probably worrying about nothing but she has never slept in our bed and I can’t imagine her being able to do so now she sees us and its playtime! But I don’t want to take travel cot due to lack of space and so I’m hoping that it will work somehow!! Please reassure me that I am worrying over nothing, I would like to here other’s experiences and tips if there are any! Would it be best to put her to bed at the same time as us?

Freddiecat Wed 12-May-04 14:01:45

Duvet we had 2 weeks camping last year with DS who was 16 months at the time - but not quite walking.

We have quite a big tent and all slept in the one bedroom. Like you did not take the travel cot. Our bedroom was "furnished" as follows:

1 double and 1 single airbed with the single furthest from door.
2 single carrymats (for warmth) on double airbed and DS's travel cot matress on single airbed (for warmth and also firmness)
v thick kingsize duvet across the lot.
We then slept under a duvet and DS was in his normal Grobag.

At that point he was going through a phase of whinging quite a bit when he was put to bed so we decided that we had to resort to cuddling him to sleep (sitting up round the table drinking wine) before putting him to bed. As he was furthest from the door he was not disturbed when we went to bed.

It did mean we had a few weeks of settling him back into a better bed time routine afterwards but was worth it.

Another tip is to save one set of clothes as dirty clothes. Put them straight on in the morning and let her crawl/totter outside then when you go out for the day change her into nice stuff. When you get back put the dirty stuff back on again and only wash it when you do the other washing. Saves constant washing of decent clothes.

GreySquirrel Thu 13-May-04 11:32:54

We am planning to try camping this year with our two (one three year old and one 8 months) and am also looking for tips. Does anyone have reccommendations for tents etc? I am not sure if it is better to have separate compartment for the three year old (she is used to being in her own room) or be all together. Also the baby usually sleeps in a growbag but is this adequate for outdoors, what do others do, just use extra blankets if it is cold?

yamamoto Thu 13-May-04 12:31:08

sounds obvious but if all the family is sleeping in one compartment make sure you have a very flat pitch otherwise be prepaired to all wake in the lowest corner well before the birds start!

duvet Wed 19-May-04 19:40:00

Greysquirrel - I'd be worried about someone nipping off with dd in the night if I put her in separate compartment. Last year I was in with dd and dh on his own not sure what to do this year be nice to all be in together esp. if it's cold!!
We may go at BH wknd let you know what it's like if we do.

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