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Thank you mumsnet

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ForSaleChesterDraws Sat 29-Aug-15 12:06:28

So DH sniggers at my mumsnet perusal, however, he has to admit that you have come up trumps lately. So here's my list of thank yous from the board.

1. Mathievies- stayed there last year, we loved it.
2. Packing a bag of pasta and tub of stir in sauce. Invaluable first night meal.
3. The tag for the toll roads in France. One of us sits in the back with DS and last year was a nightmare with the driver having to almost climb out of the passenger window for tickets/ paying and then having to jump back in the drivers seat super quickly. We felt smug this year going through the 30 lanes and not even stopping.
4. Hammam towels. DH thought that were an extravagance but they were fantastic. Dried in seconds in the sunshine and DH was often seen sporting the mid 90s Beckham look in a sarong.

So thank you mumsnet for making our holiday a bit more enjoyable for the last couple of years!

ludovica Sat 29-Aug-15 18:20:22

Thank you Mumsnet for making me get Fat Airics all those years ago.

Thank you Mumsnet for making me get a Cobb that I only ever use for burning bits of chicken on.

Thank you Mumsnet for making me empty my bank account while simultaneously filling up every corner of my house with essential camping gear.

Chester is there a MN sanctioned supplier of hammam towels or do we just get any hammam towels?

ForSaleChesterDraws Sat 29-Aug-15 19:40:48

I just bought some off eBay from somebody that did quick delivery. They were £21 for 3.

millimat Sun 30-Aug-15 10:51:38

Thank you mumsnet, for recommending Les Valades. Perfect campsite!
Going to google Mathievies next!

OnlyHereForTheCamping Mon 31-Aug-15 13:13:49

Thank you for pointing the way to those bargainarama 10cm sims on Amazon. I got 3 for £90 and had the best camping sleep ever.

Also for campsite recommendations we had a brilliant time camping at maisonneuve

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