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Mercedes Vito Dualiner as a day van

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lavendersun Tue 18-Aug-15 09:16:53

Has any one converted one of these?

We are thinking of buying one to turn into a day van.

There are three of us plus a dog, thinking that if we did this we could ditch our camping trailer and have all our camping gear at the back of the van with the bikes on the back.

It wouldn't be used other than trips so I don't think I need to worry about the size of parking it etc., etc..

Have never considered anything like this before tbh but after towing my trailer for 1600 miles last week I think it could be a good option for us.

I have found a high mileage (98,000 miles) 61 plate that is affordable. As it wouldn't be used much the mileage would even out if we kept it for 5 years.

Any cons to my mad idea as I sit looking at my horsebox that hasn't been used for 12 months because I have retired my horses, cunning plan and all that.

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