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Another novice question- mattresses?

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knickernicker Thu 13-Aug-15 16:55:44

I've read that self inflating mats/ mattresses keep you much warmer than traditional blow up mattresses. I've also read that blow up mattresses are much more comfortable than self inflating.
Weight isn't an object as we're in car, so which to go for? I'd like to be both warm and comfortable!

Blu Thu 20-Aug-15 21:18:45

Yes, SIMS are warmer because the foam in them insulates you from the ground . You can make air beds warmer by putting them on a tent carpet, putting a foil survival blanket underneath, or putting fleece blankets under your sleeping bag.

Comfort is s matter of personal preference . I am far happier on a SIM but others prefer blow-up.

CandaceMariePratt Thu 20-Aug-15 21:36:26

I would go for the sim. I have a nice thick one and it is much more supportive than an inflatable mattress. Inflatables can also cut down on the space available in your tent if your tent slopes at the sides.

TheoriginalLEM Sat 22-Aug-15 09:09:39

we have a camp bed (raised off the ground) and this time a sim. we are fatties so a sim on the ground wouldn't be enough.

i am just home from a week camping and can categorically say that was more comfortable than my bed at home!!

Delilahfandango Sat 22-Aug-15 09:15:33

Can I ask some questions about sim? I am struggling to imagine that they really are comfy. Can you not feel the ground through them? What thickness do you have? I love the idea of them but am a bit incredulous that something so thin can work!

TheoriginalLEM Sat 22-Aug-15 09:17:30

me too. hence the raised bed!

gingeroots Sun 23-Aug-15 09:17:13

Well ...I use a SIM ( purchased 10 years ago from Decathalon ) with a thin foam sleeping mat underneath . It's fine ,very comy .

Never used an air mattress so can't compare . Have to say ,this looks good .

Sorry ,not much help blush

lavendersun Sun 23-Aug-15 09:26:49

I can't get on with a SIM alone (10cm at that). DD has a camp bed but I wouldn't want one for me as I sleep next to/with DH and wouldn't want the bar in the middle of the doubles.

We have found our Aerobed actives very good and long lasting. A double takes up less room than a single sim in the car. A SIM of any decent thickness is quite big when rolled in its bag.

I now use two thermorest ridge rests together for me when we are not using the aerobed, a recent development after a new SIM sprung a leak. Not sure why but I find it much more comfy than a SIM.

FrameyMcFrame Thu 27-Aug-15 21:54:54

Thick sim... Having used both ordinary sim and blow up beds I can safely say this is the best camping bed I've ever had.

SweepTheHalls Thu 27-Aug-15 21:56:25

I like an Aerobed with a Dunelm teddy bear blanket on to of the bed, under my sleeping bag smile

gingeroots Fri 28-Aug-15 09:01:16

ooh ,Teddy bear blankets .Not seen these before - look so cosy .

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