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Best piece of camping equipment

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Callofthewild Sun 09-Aug-15 21:50:06

So we have just returned from our first camping trip for four years and it seems camping equipment has somewhat moved on in that time. I therefore wondered what you thought was the best bit of camping equipment you owned as we are starting to compile a wish list for next year. Thanks

HolidayHeidi Sun 09-Aug-15 21:51:44

Solar powered fairy lights.

HolidayHeidi Sun 09-Aug-15 21:52:09

Collapsible washing up bowl.

HolidayHeidi Sun 09-Aug-15 21:52:53

Oh and the EHU. I'll let someone else have a turn now smile

Bubblesinthesummer Sun 09-Aug-15 21:55:11

Solar lights and solar power packs

Callofthewild Sun 09-Aug-15 22:14:03

Thanks. * Bubbles* what are solar power packs???

Bubblesinthesummer Sun 09-Aug-15 22:17:54

They are chargers that you can use to charge ipods, phones etc if you don't have electric hook up smile

winewolfhowls Sun 09-Aug-15 22:44:41

Hamman (?) towels

MrsWembley Sun 09-Aug-15 22:58:42

Yes to EHU.

We always said it was cheating, then (for various reasons) we got a fridge this year and haven't looked back!grin

We need new chairs. I would definitely say, when it comes to specific items, the comfort, cup-holders and size of the chairs are important.

MrsWembley Sun 09-Aug-15 22:59:46

And some sort of storage unit. We have a 'kitchen'. Love it! I'll try to find a link...

MrsWembley Sun 09-Aug-15 23:03:34


I'm sure we got ours cheaper, though!

MrsWembley Sun 09-Aug-15 23:17:58

DP suggests a micro-router, so you only have to pay one wifi charge for several devices.

Thumbcat Mon 10-Aug-15 08:14:04

For me it's my SIMS. Not having the chore of pumping up air beds and checking them each night and topping them up has made camping much more enjoyable, and I'm warmer at night.

Lunaballoon Mon 10-Aug-15 08:32:32

I would second MrsWembley's storage unit suggestion. I'd also add a tent tidy. Keeping some kind of order and being able to find everything definitely helps the camping experience!

SaucyJack Mon 10-Aug-15 10:01:20

It's not camping equipment, but we borrowed one of these for our camping trip over the weekend to use as a campfire guard and it was worth its weight in gold as we have a toddler.

starfish4 Mon 10-Aug-15 10:04:42

Sounds silly, but DC and me have fleece blankets - they are great for extra warmth in the evenings and over us at night.

MrsWembley Mon 10-Aug-15 10:06:14

That tent tidy looks good. Luckily, we've got something like that as part of our

MrsWembley Mon 10-Aug-15 10:07:02

Saucyjack, does that not get hot?

SaucyJack Mon 10-Aug-15 10:12:56

It gets warm, but not hot enough to burn. Nowhere near as hot as walking into the flames or ash would be anyway wink

I think the one we actually used was bigger than the one in the picture, and obviously you don't fill it completely with wood.

Muchtoomuchtodo Mon 10-Aug-15 22:29:00

I take a hanging rail like this. It all comes apart so takes up very little space in the car.

It's great as long as you remember some coat hangers at keeping the many coats tidy and off the floor. Dry wetsuits get hung there too.

Callofthewild Tue 11-Aug-15 06:48:02

Thanks, lots of good ideas to go away and research. Think we definitely need storage as we just end up with everything spread everywhere....

AwkwardAnnie Tue 11-Aug-15 19:24:32

My 7.5cm Self Inflating Mat. So much warmer and easier to deal with than air beds and rolly mats.
Easily available and decent rechargable batteries. We used to get through so many batteries for torches when camping, but now we have a good supply of rechargables for life generally so we never run out and I save a small fortune.

pictish Tue 11-Aug-15 19:27:29

The Coleman dual fuel petrol stove and the Icey-Tek coolbox.

Milliways Wed 12-Aug-15 16:41:08

My lotus grill
The corkscrew!

But best of all was my birthday pressie this year - as pictured at the beach smile

AwkwardAnnie Wed 12-Aug-15 19:47:06

Ooh Milliways, not that is my dream bit of kit. I can set savings goals on my online banking and the only one I have is "campervan" it has nothing in it, but I've always said that's the style I like. I don't like traditional campervans, and although VW's are lovely they're too small. I've driven minibuses the size of your van so always said that was the perfect size for me.

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