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3m or 4m bell tent

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PollyIndia Mon 03-Aug-15 20:19:46

My parents are very kindly buying me a bell tent for my 40th but I don't know whether to go for a 3 or 4m. I am taking it to a festival next weekend so would have to lug it between car and campsite, so weight is a consideration. I am a single parent to 2.9 year old DS so need to be able to manage it on my own. The 3m looks more sensible but I think I'll get more long term use out of the 4m. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks!

LettuceLaughton Mon 03-Aug-15 20:36:48

I'm a very long way form an expert on these matters but I'd be tempted to go with the bigger tent a get a wee wagon for transporting it (and other stuff, and DS).

This sort of thing. The foldable ones are fab but weight limits would need checking, at a guess.

NannyR Mon 03-Aug-15 23:12:14

I recently bought the soul pad ultralite 3 metre bell tent. I camp on my own and it's a brilliant size for one person. I think that, although there is space for two, it would feel a bit on the crowded side, especially if the weathers bad. I would go for the 4 metre personally, it would also have a higher doorway that you could walk through, with the 3 metre you do have to bend down to get in.

PollyIndia Tue 04-Aug-15 06:37:36

Ok, thanks both. 4m it is! I am already renting a wagon for DS lettuce, though actually, is a great idea to use it for carting stuff around too.

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