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La Garangeoire - perfect for older children?

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SalomeD Mon 03-Aug-15 11:07:01


We've been on a couple of Eurocamp holidays and feel that the accommodation doesn't offer great value for money so next year we are taking the plunge and are going to take our own tent over to France.

DH & DC's loved the Vendee as there was plenty to see and do in the area so now we're trying to find the perfect site.

A lot of the sites right on the close seem to have quite small pitches and there's a lot of mixed reviews on TripAdvisor.

La Garangeoire has amazing reviews and the pitches look fab but I just wondered whether it would be a great destination for my two boys who will be 11 & 13 (and who don't expect to be in bed at 10pm!).

Has anyone else stayed there with older children?

reallyneedmoresleep Mon 03-Aug-15 14:25:56

My eldest is 11 and adores la Garangeoire. The teens hang around the ping pong tables or join in with sporty stuff like the bike rides or footy games or archery. The bar areas are open later than 10pm too. Feel free to pm me if you have any other questions

SalomeD Mon 03-Aug-15 14:40:41

Thanks Really, I seem to be going round in circles trying to find the right site for us and it's great to have some feedback from someone with a boy of similar age.

I think La Garangeoire is the only site I've looked at on Trip Advisor which has absolutely no Poor or Terrible reviews, the majority of theirs are Excellent.

We stayed at Les Ecureils in St Hilaire de Riez a couple of years ago and it was great but I'd like to try somewhere else as we didn't really use the beach opposite.

We did love that there is loads to see and do in the Vendee (we went to a village Fete de Moules and it was great fun, with the local school running games for the kids and everyone sitting down on trestle tables enjoying moules et frites).

Flappingandflying Mon 03-Aug-15 17:09:50

Am there now! Fifth year running. Apply for a pitch early. Pitches are large. My teen loves it. Loads of table tennis, fishing, tennis, riding, bikes, walks and just hanging by the footie pitch. Yes, rules are enforced and the pool is a bit small for the height of summer but it is very clean, friendly and has a good atmosphere. Pm me if you want more details.

SalomeD Mon 03-Aug-15 18:18:19

Thanks FLapping - how early do you need to make a booking?

We were thinking about one of their premium pitches as that will save us from having to find space in the car for table & chairs plus I think it includes a fridge & bbq too.

Flappingandflying Tue 04-Aug-15 12:06:21

Email them now and they will send you a booking form. You can rent a table and chairs and a fridge so no need for premium pitch. You need to get the booking form in by October.

reallyneedmoresleep Tue 04-Aug-15 12:35:26

There's a high ropes go-ape style place about 2 mins from the site which my kids (and DH...ok and I ) all think is fantastic. Take a picnic though.

Anonymum40 Tue 04-Aug-15 12:50:17

I've been and I wasn't keen... It's like Little England, in the pub garden in the evening you could be in a Harvester's. And you can't swim in the pool or sit around the edges as it is so packed all the time. And our pitch stank of wee. Having said that my brother in law and family go every year and love it. The activities are good, there's always plenty to do and the area is nice.

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