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How do I clean mould off my tent?

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Pointlessfan Sat 01-Aug-15 12:33:09

We went camping last weekend and it chucked it down. Ended up shoving wet tent in the garage when we got home as it was still raining. Got it out to dry when it finally stopped raining on Thursday. Tent is fine but we have noticed some mould on the bedroom compartment. It's proper mould rather than mildew caused I expect by food crumbs that DD got everywhere.
How do I clean it? Can I put it in the washing machine?
I'll be so upset if my lovely tent goes mouldy sad

brownfang Sat 01-Aug-15 18:00:48

What is your tent made out of, nylon or another material? I would google to find out exactly what it is & then google to find out how to clean that.

Pointlessfan Sat 01-Aug-15 18:53:29

Ok thanks, I think it's nylon.

LikeASoulWithoutAMind Sun 02-Aug-15 11:53:46

I've never tried it myself but have heard others talk about washing inner tents in the washing machine. Or you could wash just the affected bit in the bath? Milton fluid might do the trick.

Whatever you do don't put washing up liquid anywhere near the outer tent, it destroys the waterproofing.

Fourarmsv2 Mon 03-Aug-15 08:18:16

I'd second washing an inner tent smile

Pointlessfan Mon 03-Aug-15 14:21:43

Thank you for the suggestions. I think Milton in the bath might do the trick, going to try that this week!

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