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Top 3 veggie camping meals

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OrangeSunset Mon 27-Jul-15 11:11:22

We're off for 3 don't want to take too much stuff.

What are your top 3 veggie camping meals? Ideally something I can make in advance....I'm a terrible faff-er when camping, so the less pots/pans/ingredients I need to find in a tiny tent, the less stressed we will be! Any quick puds that will keep DC happy?

We've got a 2 burner stove.

lavendersun Mon 27-Jul-15 13:54:48

Risotto Milanese (or any other veggie risotto) not make ahead but quite relaxing with a glass of wine and one pot!

I then make curries, paneer, cauliflower and chickpea is a favourite. I use the spice tailor packs and they are divine.

I make things like dolcelatte and fig paninis too with a salad if it is hot (ha) but that is because I take a stovetop press.

We do eat meat, me not so much, so when I make a curry I make my fav veggie version. If you are making more dishes than you have rings something like a curry/something in a sauce finishes cooking with the pan on the grass.

Poached eggs on toast with pan fried cherry toms in butter with a bit of garlic is also sometimes a camping dinner here, esp if we have eaten out during the day.

beanandspud Mon 27-Jul-15 20:03:31

Bit of a cheat but I sometimes buy the tins of beans with meat-free sausages in them. Quick and easy, serve with crusty bread.

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