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Can you help me find a tent please?

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TheReluctantCountess Tue 21-Jul-15 12:43:53

We are planning on camping for the first time as a family - I haven't been camping for many years, so we need something not too complicated.
I'd like a tent which has two bedrooms and a central section, with the central part being high enough to stand in. I'd also like a bit of a canopy.
Ideally, under £150.
I've had a bit of a browse online, but I fear I am being optimistic!

MissWimpyDimple Tue 21-Jul-15 15:06:49

I have this one (amongst others) and I think it's great. Can pitch it alone so def easy with two.

MissWimpyDimple Tue 21-Jul-15 15:08:16

Sorry. Link tent

TheReluctantCountess Tue 21-Jul-15 15:37:29

That's just the kind of thing we are looking for. I'd not come across that make, so thank you.

Milliways Tue 21-Jul-15 16:40:38

This is a good one too

Sootgremlin Wed 22-Jul-15 11:39:17

We have a Vango Icarus (we got it for 120 in the January sales) - would advise looking on Amazon as sometimes outdoor outlets sell last season's tents for reasonable prices - there's a Vango Apollo 5 man on there for 140 ATM.

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