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Camping beds

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Sootgremlin Fri 17-Jul-15 16:27:23

Our air beds have given up the ghost this year, and we haven't been all that fond of them anyway, having issues with them losing air etc. but they've done us ok for a few years.

We're going camping for a week, longest trip we've done, what should we replace them with?

There is me, DH, and four year old and a one year old. Last time baby was on double with us and eldest had his own single. Are there any really good air beds we should be looking at? Also unsure whether to get two doubles and share with a child each, or a double and two singles. We haven't a huge amount of money, but holiday rather depends on it!

Anyone have a sleeping set up they love and works well? Are self-inflating mattresses any good for hound children?

Many thanks in advance.

Sootgremlin Fri 17-Jul-15 16:28:06

Erm, *young children! though they are pretty wild smile

hettie Sat 18-Jul-15 14:30:42

Sims are great... Warm and Cindy (go for the thickest you can afford. Gooutdoors has the outwell dreamcatcher at a good price the other week. We used a Kampa kids air bed with ours until they were 4, it has sides so they don't slide off....
For a week you need to sleep comfortably. For us it was an investment, but our main 2 week holiday is camping, so it's been worth it

hettie Sat 18-Jul-15 14:31:24

Cindy confused comfy obviously!

lavendersun Sat 18-Jul-15 18:48:46

We have them all soot, literally blush. We have aerobed actives for when we camp with our big tent - comfy, have been reliable for four years with lots of camping (2 months a year minimum), don't notice the cold coming up from the floor that others seems to. A double aerobed takes half the room of a single sim in the car - lots of pluses in my book.

DD has a camp bed that she loves, just a simple Vango one with steel wire z legs. Works great for her because it has a hammock sort of effect meaning that she stays put in the night - very small when packed.

Then we all have SIMS, 10cm ones, I have had a SIM for 12 years and only last week found a way of making it work for me. I always woke up in pain, every hour, aching back or numb hips on a SIM. I came across an ancient ridge rest in the barn in our gear and I used that under a 10cm SIM. Slept really well. Our SIMS are massive though when packed, three SIMS plus the ridge rest is like 7 or 8 double aerobeds. We have got a thin double SIM too, yet to try it, bought it to put on top of our singles to try to stop me being in pain.

I know people who use a SIM on top of a camp bed. Never tried that as I snuggle into DH and the bar in the middle would annoy me.

Diamondsmiles Sun 19-Jul-15 17:18:20

A Cindy bed is very important for your hound children wink

We have SIMs and love them.

HuckleberryMishMash Sun 19-Jul-15 17:21:13

Outwell dreamboat is really good, but comes with a hefty price tag.

For me it was worth it as I was having problems with my back that probably would have stopped me camping if I hadn't found a comfortable camping mat.

Obviously wouldn't recommend something this price for the kids but if comfort is an issue for you and you can afford them I'd recommend the dreamboat.

Springcleanish Sun 19-Jul-15 20:38:05

Coleman air beds were comfy for a weeks camping, especially with cheap foam mats underneath, did need to reinflate half way through the week though.

Sootgremlin Mon 20-Jul-15 15:45:32

Thanks you so much for replies, really helpful to hear real opinions and to get some brands to look at.

The Outwells do look good, thinking might stretch to something like that for me and DH, as I do have problems with my back so thanks for the tips. The hounds can have something less Cindy comfy expensive as they are only lightweights grin

Will have a closer look this evening, getting quite exciting now.

Sootgremlin Tue 21-Jul-15 13:20:53

Have gone for the dreamcatcher for us and a couple of new single air beds for the juniors. Might upgrade them to SIMS if they're good when they're bigger. Thanks for help everyone, looking forward to trying it out.

Sootgremlin Sun 02-Aug-15 21:31:39

Just to update - the dreamcatcher was fantastic, best sleep I have ever had in several years of camping, going to bed was actually enjoyable and it was so nice to wake up not feeling groggy or headache-y. Weather was terrible, but can't have everything, can you? smile

Thanks for the recommendations flowers

Fourarmsv2 Mon 03-Aug-15 08:16:07

I find the Aldi SIMS very comfy (better than Alpkit Dozers).

SIM & GO folding bed & electric blanket = heaven.

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