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New family tent for weekends away??

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Honeymoonmummy Thu 09-Jul-15 20:33:08

Hi all, we have an outwell Montana tent, I have erected it single handedly but it was a struggle so am thinking of getting another tent just for weekend breaks with the kidswhen DH can't come. I need something that will fit my aerobed , the 3 of us can sleep in that together (DC are 4 and 6 ) and I want something with a form of shelter so I can use the camp stove in the rain (we have the extension with the Montana)

Should I struggle on with the Montana or can anyone recommend a smaller tent?


Honeymoonmummy Fri 10-Jul-15 20:21:04


IamTheWhoreofBabylon Sun 12-Jul-15 21:20:48

I would also like recommendations for a tent I could put up alone and use with DC
Can you put a bell tent up on your own?

Fourarmsv2 Sun 12-Jul-15 22:44:55

I have an 4 man popup. I pop and down by myself quite frequently smile

StarlightMcKenzee Sun 12-Jul-15 22:47:28

1 person can easily put up a Bell Tent. I've done it on my own with 3 kids under 5. It took 15 mins approx including a quick breastfed.

ADishBestEatenCold Wed 15-Jul-15 00:40:22

Which 4 man popup have you got Fourarms?

FrozenAteMyDaughter Wed 15-Jul-15 09:32:08

We have two 4 man pop ups. Both from Decathlon and both sadly discontinued (terrible decision in my opinion. They do still come up for sale on eBay though. One is the Quechua Seconds Family 4.1 and the other is the QSF 4.2 xl (newer version). The 4.1 might be better for you as it just has one large bedroom and a living.area. No porch as such so we use a tarp out the front to create one.

There are loads of you tube videos to show you how to put them up and pack them away.

Decathlon seem to have replaced these tents with inflatable ones which might also be worth a look if you are not after something particularly cheap.

Good luck.

Wolfiefan Wed 15-Jul-15 09:39:44

We have a 4 man vis a vis tent I can put up alone. (Sorry seems to be discontinued.)
Khyam quick erect tents? Don't know how easy they are
Inflatable would probably be the easiest by far.

gingeroots Wed 15-Jul-15 11:37:16 ?

oddfodd Wed 15-Jul-15 11:42:19

I have a 4.2 seconds with 2 bedrooms which I can (just about) put down on my own. The problem is that my arms are too short. But otherwise, it's pretty easy to do. That Arpenaz one looks like a good back up tent, ginger - the only issue I have with the 4.2 is that it's really a bit big for me and DS on our own.

Fourarmsv2 Wed 15-Jul-15 17:16:04

Mines a 4.2, but discontinued now I think sad

PosterEh Wed 15-Jul-15 17:23:38

Id get one with two bedrooms (maybe a 4man vango with a bedroom either side. You can use it as storage atm and when the kids are a bit older will give you more space.

Diamondsmiles Sun 19-Jul-15 17:20:32

We have the quechua 4.2 xl too and it is great for putting up.

bobblypop Sun 19-Jul-15 19:14:54

I have just been away for the weekend in our new mojave 10t. Was just me and 2dds aged 10 and 9. I put it up myself in about 10 mins. Loads of space inside to eat, sit etc. Could add a tarp at front for extra shelter if you want. Really light weight and packs up super small. Not quite as lovely as a proper bell, but smaller to pack, lighter and cheaper! Got mine from amazon, out of stock at the moment but they do keep coming back in stock.

gingeroots Mon 20-Jul-15 13:50:17

Bugger - I want one now !

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